Alpha v7.1

We have just released a quick bug fix to our Alpha v7 release. It corrects few of the issues we have discovered shortly after releasing the Alpha v7. Because it has no new features, it is 100% compatible with A7, so you can update at any time.

The fixed bugs are:

  1. Proxy exporter script adding multiple items in the quad menu (right mouse button menu in viewport).  If you have experienced the problem, you will need to go to Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Quads after installing, and either manually remove the Corona_proxy_exporter items, or press “Reset”.
  2. Shadow catcher‘s option “Use enviro color mapping” projecting the environment incorrectly.
  3. Only part of the image being copied/saved when render region was used.
  4. Photographic exposure for Cylindrical/Spherical cameras not working.
  5. Crash when copying targeted CoronaLights into multiple copies.
  6. Crash when creating proxy by clicking the “From scene” button before the object is created in the scene.

Update: This version now expired and is no longer available. Use the version 1.0 instead.

17 thoughts on “Alpha v7.1

  1. I need a normal Network rendering with Batch render… It’s not working in V5,V6 and this V7….

  2. Ondra It’s a great work!!! I’d like this render… Wery!!!
    Do you have a Bank account to make a tips from you Fan’s
    (sorry for my English)

  3. That a good idea… i and users hope that prise will be an adequated…
    Have a good work… with best wishes from Russia!

  4. I have problem with my 3d max 2014 after installing Corona render.When i installed corona render i try to load my 3d max but nothing , i get 1 critical error “An error was occurred and application will now close . Do you want to attempt to save a copy …”
    Can you help me to fix that problem after install corona render ?

  5. Hi all. I’ve discovered this render engine recently and I love it. I am a C4D user and it works fine in R14 and R15. Now I’ve R16 and in the splashscreen of Corona for Cinema the “Browse” botttom for R16 is disable. It is enable to check “Cinema 4D R16” but it isn’t possible to browse the .exe of R16. Any suggestions about this?
    Thanks a lot

  6. Hi guys and thanks for this great renderer ! I use Blender for 3D, with Cycles or Yafaray for rendering and I have some questions:
    What about pricing for Blender version ? Why not to keep a free version with less features ? Is the Blender plugin will still developped ? Thanks guys 🙂

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