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4 Rooms Study by XOIO

“4 Rooms Study” – a project which aimed at creating convincing interiors in extremely short time. Lasse Rode of Xoio guides us through the process of creation and explains how Corona helped him achieve the desired results.

Corona Renderer - Xoio - Mosaic

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Corona Scatter Introduction by AsymmetricA Ltd.

AsymmetricA Ltd. and Matej Hosek - Corona Scatter Introduction

Today we present you a new step-by-step tutorial by AsymmetricA Ltd. Grow yourself a forest!

Part I.

Hail Corona soldiers!

Welcome to this Corona Scatter introduction for 3ds Max. In this lesson we are going to take a look at how easy it is to import tree models, convert them to Corona compatible materials, turn them into proxies and scatter over large areas. For this tutorial you will need Corona 1.0, Corona Material Converter and Adobe Photoshop (or similar image editor).

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Lufthansa A320 Corona renders by Marcin Gruszczyk


Deutsche Lufthansa AG / Jens Goerlich / mo cgi - Lufthansa A320 Corona render

Good news for all the aviation fans out there: this time we present you one of the most popular airliners in the industry – the Lufthansa A320. You can admire aircraft in all its glory – with a little help of Corona! Marcin Gruszczyk tells us about his experiences during the work on this project.


“The first time I tested Corona I immediately realized that it was the best definition of what I’d consider to be a next-gen renderer: based on path-tracing, fully able to use the system’s RAM, well integrated into 3ds Max and supporting 3rd party plugin maps, featuring a simple yet very powerful material and shading system, and being faster at it than any other engine I’ve worked with.

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