Corona for Cinema4D Alpha v4 released!


While we are finishing the new version 1.3 for 3ds Max, we are not forgetting about Cinema4D plugin – today we have the Alpha v4 version ready for you! Aside from the usual bugfixes and small features, it brings one major new feature: interactive rendering. You can download the installer for Cinema4D R14-R17 for Windows here.

Major New Features

  • Interactive rendering
  • Added C4D R17 support
  • Added Mask pass
  • Improved motion blur support
  • Improved layer shader support

Other Improvements

  • Added Corona compositing tag
  • Fixed Noise and Wood shaders mapping
  • Added support for camera mapping
  • Corona shaders now supported in subshaders
  • Added support for global material override
  • Added support for additional environment overrides
  • Fixed problems in Id pass (multipass)

Mac Version?

Unfortunately the OSX version of the plugin is still not done. We need to do some changes in the rendering core itself first before we start working on the plugin. We consider this a high priority goal, and we will start working on it right after the version 1.3 for 3ds Max is out.

But enough talk – download Corona for C4D Alpha v4 here: and let us know what you think about the new interactive rendering! Since it is the first published prototype of interactive rendering in Corona for C4D, we will need your feedback to make it truly stable and usable.

5 thoughts on “Corona for Cinema4D Alpha v4 released!

  1. What with date of post? =)
    I yesterday downloaded the alpha v3 and was 29 september and today i see v4 but from 27 september =)

  2. My C4D Crashes (not responding) after rendering or clicking through rendersettings-window. It works like 1 Minute aprox.
    Im using A4 Version on R16 Student.
    Hope it will work as good as in Max for C4D also 😀

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