Corona Renderer in official „Panic! At The Disco“ music video!

São Paulo-based studio StratoStorm used Corona to produce over 50 CGI shots for an optical illusion-inspired Panic! At The Disco music video for their song “Hallelujah”. Check out StratoStorm’s impressions on working with Corona!

“We started using Corona Renderer for Panic! At The Disco’s new music video and it was definitely a game changer for us. There was a short deadline and 56 full CGI shots to get done, but thanks to the interactive rendering feature, our artists were able to achieve good-looking renders and complete all the work in a short period of time.

 The features we loved the most, besides the interactive render, are the ability to render a wide range of compositing passes, rendering speed, Embree-aided rendering, and multithreaded parsing. It is also awesome that there is virtually no need to alter default render settings, but at the same time you have the ability to adjust more advanced settings when needed. Some of the most exciting things we would love to see in the future of Corona development is the ability to render openVDB, Hair and Fur, and Ornatrix. As for the render passes, it would be nice to have a velocity render pass in the future to be able to add motion blur in the compositing, and „render to texture” feature. Everything else is just perfect!”

-Mario Pece, the creative director at StratoStorm

“From the production point of view, the cost of Corona’s license is really attractive and we didn’t even need to get the demo version to try it – we purchased the full license straight away! The interactive renderer allowed us to keep track of the project with the artists and present great previews to the client. It makes Corona the best render solution for our studio.”

-Helena Hilario, EP and Business Development at StratoStorm

Stay tuned for the follow-up including a comprehensive VFX breakdown and additional materials!

Music video screenshot 1Music video screenshot 2


  • Mario Pece: VFX supervisor, layout, lighting, render and compositing
  • Marcelo Leal Felix: Concept, 3D modeling, lighting and render
  • Felipe Ruiz: Compositing
  • Alan Prado: the 3D artist who introduced Corona to the studio 😉
  • StratoStorm

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