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Sergey Poltavskiy – Automotive rendering

Sergey Poltavskiy is a 3D artist from the State of Georgia who primarily focuses on automotive rendering. He creates his own backplates and HDRIs, and does automotive photography too. We spoke with him to learn how he got started, and what advice and tips he has to share!

Sergey Poltavskiy Mercedes

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Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, Beta 1, Release Candidate 1 Released!

Corona Renderer for C4D, Beta 1, Release Candidate 1 released!

We are pleased to announce that Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, Beta 1, is released!

If you have not been following the development through the Daily Builds, then here’s what you need to know – there have been a huge number of bug fixes, thanks to the extensive testing and feedback from you, and there have been a lot of new features and functionality implemented, such as Interactive Rendering, the Shadow CatcherDispersion, and more!



If you want to get straight to the download, you will find the latest version at:

Download Beta 1 RC 1 from the Google Drive



  • Support for C4D R19 added
  • Interactive Rendering is now fully functional
  • The ShadowCatcher material has been added
  • New and improved sampler implemented (part of the 1.7 core)
  • Dispersion and Subsurface Scattering added to the Corona Material:
  • Native stacking of materials now supported
  • Corona Image Editor included in installation
  • Corona Standalone included in installation
  • Partial implementation of LightMix “bake to scene” functionality
  • Resume render now works from the Corona VFB
  • Render selected is now implemented
  • Team Render is much more stable, and should be close to fully-functional (known limitation – best used from the native Picture Viewer, and cannot use Noise Level / Adaptivity yet)

And of course there have been a great many bug fixes too. It all adds up to Beta 1 being a quantum leap ahead of the previous Alpha release!



Please test the Release Candidate and report any bugs, which will let us ensure that everything is stable and working as intended. You can report bugs to us on our bug tracker or on the forum.

Once thorough testing and fixing of any issues is complete, we will release the final version of Beta 1.

Thanks to all our users for your patience and help with testing the daily builds!
Nik, Ales, Cestmir, and all of the Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D team

Merry Christmas Coronauts!

This year has been one wild and amazing ride! Our thanks go out to all of you for making 2017 such a fantastic year, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season and many happy renderings in 2018!

We’d also like to announce that our office will be closed from December 22nd until January 1st inclusive (yes, even we need to take a break!) – Our support will be limited during this time.

Our thanks to Jerald Tegelan for the use of the render!

St Louis TV – The Making Of “On My Way”

St-Louis Post House, based in Paris, France, created the music video for Grand Yellow’s “On My Way” – we spoke with Pierre Masserann about how the video was made.

Grand Yellow, “On My Way” from Akatre on Vimeo.

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James Dowling – the making of Atmos. III

Back in August 2017, Architectural Visualiser James Dowling released his Atmos. III project. In this article, he takes us through his workflow, covering details such as lighting, depth of field, and more!

Read more about the making of Atmos. III

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IAMSTATIC – peeling paint, sailing ships, and alien worlds!

IAMSTATIC is  a Toronto-based studio who direct, design and produce award-winning projects for film & television, commercial advertising, and immersive / digital content. They use Corona Renderer on most of their animation projects, including the title sequence for the Netflix show “Frontier” and an ad campaign for Vuse that traveled to some beautiful alien worlds.

We spoke with David Greene, Director / Partner at IAMSTATIC, about some of their recent animation work using Corona.

IAMSTATIC, still from the Frontier series title sequence
A still from the Frontier series title sequence
IAMSTATIC, still from the Vuse campaign animation
A still from one of the Vuse campaign animations

Read more about IAMSTATIC and their animation projects!

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New Horizons – plans for 2017 and beyond

New Horizons

New Horizons for Corona Renderer

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Render Legion and Corona Renderer. We will be doubling our development team so that we can build more great software, and do so faster and smarter.

How? After a long 13 months of perfecting our plans, we have agreed to join forces with Chaos Group, which will make a massive long-term investment in Corona Renderer, paired with a vast amount of their technological IP which will help us to push Corona Renderer and other projects even further.

We firmly believe that by making this move we do the best possible thing for you, our users, to deliver the best tools in the shortest period of time while future-proofing the company.

We are happy that we were able to find a partner who is respectable, skilled and with a proven track record of creating great software, and who shares the same vision about the future of CG software.

Ondra and Vlado

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Anri Ford on using Substance Painter with Corona Renderer

Andrey, better known online as Anri_Ford, is a master at creating automotive renders that stand out from the crowd, because they feature vehicles that are dirty or worn rather than pristine and shiny. We spoke with him about how he has been integrating Allegorithmic’s Substance tools into his workflow alongside Corona Renderer.

Anri_Ford Corona and Substance Blog 01

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Orangegraphics – a company profile

Orangegraphics are a creative studio based in Zabrze, Poland. Founded in 2009, they specialize in focusing on quality rather than quantity. We spoke with founder Gregory Wojnar to learn about the studio and their workflow.

Orangegraphics 5
Click to view in full 6K resolution.

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