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Discussion about Prices & Licence Politics II.

Discussion benefits everyone

First, thanks a lot for all your responses, suggestions, opinions & messages  – good spirited and even not-that-positive ones. They both count as they show us different views. Since some points we made in the original article were not clear, there was some confusion and questions we want now to clear out.
This follow up article tries to explain some points better and answer you all questions where we know the answer (there are some questions where we ourselves do not have the answer yet, however our intentions and visions are crystal clear).

Also we have decided to change couple of things based on your suggestions. We try to be as fair and transparent as possible.

I have decided to write this blog post in Q&A fashion. Most of the questions were raised by you. Also some facts and topics we did not cover in the first article are published in this one.

Make yourself a tea or coffee and enjoy the long blog post.

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