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The first Corona Academy will take place at the end of November 2016. If you are interested in becoming an officially certified instructor or power-user, then you’ll find the full details below!

Learn about Corona Academy!

General info

Corona Academy is an educational program for CGI tutors, instructors, lecturers and power-users who would like to improve their rendering skills and get to know everything about Corona Renderer.

All those who successfully complete the Corona Academy will become Primary Certified Instructors, able to organize and charge for their own authorized “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” and certify other instructors, schools and regular users.

Learn how to set up this exterior scene to render efficiently with many lights.


What you will learn
The course will cover a wide range of topics, and includes:

  • A deep understanding of the Corona Renderer philosophy and interface
  • Identifying and correcting common sources of noise
  • When to adjust performance render settings
  • Keeping scenes rendering quickly, even with many lights
  • How to use the Corona RaySwitch material
  • When to use portals
  • Randomizing materials and transforms for Corona Scatter
  • Getting the best from Proxies
  • Set-ups for commonly-used materials
  • Procedural material effects with CoronaAO
  • Reducing render time using Denoising
  • Rendering for VR
  • How to diagnose a problem scene and find the most suitable solution



  • High level of familiarity with 3ds Max.
  • High level of familiarity with Corona Renderer.
  • Fluency in English.
Explore common causes of noise and solutions during the course.


More detailed info about the whole program and certification levels

All those who successfully complete Corona Academy will become Primary Certified Instructors, able to organize and charge for their own authorized “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” for Corona Renderer users, who will get the status of Certified Users.

However, Primary Certified Instructors will also be able to organize and charge for “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” for attendees who will become Certified Instructors. Only Primary Certified Instructors can run courses that give Certified Instructor status, because only Primary Certified Instructors will gain training directly from Corona Academy.

Certified Instructors can organize and charge for their own authorized “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” for other Corona Renderer users, and all those who pass these courses will become Certified Users.

Certified Users can use that qualification to confirm their skills with prospective clients and employers, but cannot teach authorized courses. This is illustrated in the diagram below:teachingstructure01

A summarization of main differences between each certification levels is shown in a table below:teachingstructure02


What other benefits you will get
Primary Certified Instructors and Certified Instructors will gain also these benefits:

  • One Corona Renderer license for the duration of their certification, free of charge – which means one free full FairSaaS license for 2 years.
  • Corona Renderer licenses for their students to use during their courses, free of charge.
  • 10% discounts on a yearly license for their Certified Users.
  • Promotion on our Corona Academy webpage, which will include promotion of contact details and certification details in our list of Primary Certified Instructors, Certified Instructors and Certified Users, and promotion of all upcoming “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” organized by Primary Certified Instructors and Certified Instructors.
  • Access to the latest electronic versions of the Corona Academy educational materials, to keep up to date with revisions and changes, so that the materials stay in line as Corona Renderer develops.


More detailed info about the certification
Certification as an instructor is valid for 2 years, and would then need to be renewed – this is to ensure that all Primary Certified Instructors and Certified Instructors are professionals who have kept fully up-to-date with all changes in Corona Renderer. All levels of Certified Instructors will pay a 10% share from revenues derived from their courses to Render Legion.

Being certified will bring many advantages.


Corona Academy goals and plans for future
The Corona Academy is focused on the educational training of tutors and power users only.

We would like the top level Corona Renderer instructors be the ones who organize “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” for beginning, average and advanced users – structuring the training in this way will ensure that users from all around the world can have access to courses in their native language, from locally based instructors in their respective countries. It also means that users can be sure that any courses they take from Primary Certified Instructors and Certified Instructors will have the most accurate and up-to-date information on Corona Renderer.

In the future, we may also organize a Corona Academy directly for beginning, average or advanced users, if there is enough interest in the initial Corona Academy program.


Details about the first Corona Academy

Dates & place
The first Corona Academy will take place in our development offices in Prague city center, on the weekend of November 26th to 27th 2016, and will run from 9:00 to 18:00 on those two days.

Address: Render Legion s.r.o., Karlovo nám. 17, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

The first Corona Academy will take place in our offices in Prague.

849 EUR (+ VAT If applicable) for the 2 day course.

The price includes: Two day Corona Academy course with all necessary educational materials, meals and beverages, an official certificate of completion, and some souvenirs! (You do not need to bring your IT equipment with you, everything will be provided.)

What is not included: Accommodation and transportation costs. (We recommend arriving on the Friday afternoon/evening before the course.)

The website, with applications page, will be launched soon. The website will also show the up-to-date list of all certified instructors and users with their contact details, plus any upcoming courses organized by all levels of Certified Instructors.

The capacity of each Corona Academy course is limited. For the first Corona Academy in Prague, this is limited to only 10 attendees.

The first Corona Academy is already sold out!

For those who wanted to attend but could not get a place this time, we plan to organize the second Corona Academy sometime around March 2017 and will let you know when that is scheduled and the date is fixed. There will also be other Corona Academy dates set next year.

If you have any questions about Corona Academy, please contact us at


30 thoughts on “The Corona Academy – Official Training Courses

    1. Hi Mahmoud, currently we are not planning any online courses. They will be arranged in our office in Prague, and in some other places around the world in the future, so that travel would not be very long for anyone.

  1. Hello,

    I am very interested in the coronarender certification training.
    If I understand correctly, afterwards I can train my own customers, create my own material and only 10% of this income will flow back to renderlegion.
    Not a bad deal.
    I am quite the technical render artist and problem solver at work so technical in depth is a must!
    I am fairly new to coronarender however last year I attended the soa academy masterclass, I am familiar with Arnold, vray, mentalray, stellar and renderman. I believe to have a fair enough understanding of rendering principles, 3ds max and shading to participate.

    What do you think?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Per, yes, you understand our rules correctly. Glad you like the idea. 🙂 If you are familiar with other renderers and 3ds Max in general, then I don’t think it’s possible that you will find Corona hard to learn. It’s actually much easier than most renderers out there. I would suggest you taking a look at our learning materials such as video tutorials ( and then deciding whether you wish to attend Corona Academy, or maybe wait a little to gain more general Corona knowledge that would make you feel more certain about your future plans.

  2. Hi Marcin,

    I am quit eager to get certified and give trainings.
    Of course your suggestion makes a lot of sense as well. Doing all the tutos and then go for certification.
    Depends a bit. How many times per year will these classes take place? If not much, then I would prefer to start the 26th Nov already.
    Unless you really don’t advise to jump on so soon.

    Kind regards

  3. hi
    im omid from you may now there is no simple way for traveling to your country for people like me.but im guy with 15 years of experience with vray and after your first official release i changed my path…any way online course needed for us plz put it on plan.

  4. Hi,

    I’m an authorized Autodesk 3D Max / Revit / AutoCAD trainer in South Africa who is very keen for this course! I’m also ready to fly to Prague for this certification. I’ve been training / lecturing for 13 years. Put me down and sign me up for the next one. Where can I get details.

  5. Hi,
    I’m from Haiti. I’m very interested by this program. I would like to take this course but I cannot travel to your country. Can you plan a second corona Academy in the US ? It should be a good place for me and lot of people. Keep me posted for the future training.
    Thank you and Congratulations for your work.

  6. it will be difficult for most interested applicants to travel to prague. time and money. i suggest the online training option to be made available as soon as possible so we can atleast save our transportation fare for the payment of the classes 🙂 we would gladly pay this way.

  7. Good morning

    I’m very interested in Corona training course, I live in Costa Rica and i’m willing to reach Czech Republic to take this course.
    Please send me all the information about price, dates, etc….in order to planning my trip.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi, we don’t currently offer online courses which would allow certification, however you can watch our video tutorials on our YouTube channel:

      Another place with a lot of Corona tutorials and guides (but mostly in text+images form) is our helpdesk portal, especially the “How to…” section:

      If you have any problems or need advice, you can write an email to or send a new support ticket ( ) and we will do our best to help you.

      The last, but very useful source of looking for Corona-related information is our forum. Its users are always very helpful, and you can also use the search function to look for topics which interest you most.

  8. I am very interested in the corona render .give me a advise to improve my work..
    I am already working in vray..

  9. Hi,
    I want to learn corona Renderering would like to adivce me i an currently working in dubai
    Call me any time +091588285367

    1. Hello! There are the free learning tools on our YouTube channel and helpdesk pages – to go beyond that, the Corona Academy website lists all courses by us (in Prague) and by certified instructors in other parts of the world on the home page ( – you can also search for official instructors near you and filter by country on the pages at and then contact them to see if they have plans to organize a course. Thanks!

  10. Hi i am from India, i would like to study. Is there anywhere in our country i could study. or are you providing any online services.

    1. All the info is on the website – you’ll find our courses in Prague, courses from officially approved instructors (some online, some in person), and under “Certified” a list of instructors across the world, searchable by country, so you can see who is nearby and reach out to them to see what training they offer. Thanks!

  11. 23 Aug at 7:25 PM
    I am Vray licensed trainer (Chaos group).I am proprietor of Ultimate school of Vray which is located in Ahmedabad,India.I have deep knowledge in Vray for 3dsmax,i have passed VCP and VLT (Vray pro.certification and Vray licensed trainer)I learned corona render and all about it.I want to become corona licensed instructor. May I participate in exam for corona licensed instructor ? Pls inform me .Is it possible to give online exam?
    Kishor Prajapati,
    Ultimate school of V-Ray,
    102,Chaitrangi appartment,

    1. For all inquiries about the Corona Academy, you can contact

      The training available is listed on the home page, As noted there, if you want to teach courses that certify people to be instructors, you will need to be a Primary Certified Instructor, which can only be obtained by attending in person at the courses we run directly in Prague (the next one is in October – If you want to run courses that will certify people to Certified Users, then you only need Certified Instructor status, which can be obtained by attending any of the in-person courses taught by our Primary Certified Instructors (all courses are listed on the home page, and a list of all those with certification is also available at

      There are online courses from official instructors, but these only offer Certified User status, so you cannot use that to teach any courses yourself. Thanks!

  12. Hi All,

    This is Aqeel Ahmed From Dubai. I really want to learn Corona Rendering I know very well 3d modeling and Basic Vray. If you have any opportunity for me let know.
    Call me If you want to ask me on +971 58 8285367.

    1. Hi! As noted in this article, all official training courses can be found listed at Visit that site, and see if there are any courses that you would like to attend, and follow the “Read More” to find out how to sign up for those courses. Thanks!

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