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Corona Alpha v6 announcement


So yesterday we had our last internal meeting about V6. It took the whole day and here is the conclusion.

Release date: We aim to release Corona on TUESDAY – 18/3/2014, provided there won’t be any major bugs discovered by then.

So starting now we really want to get our daily builds testers to use and abuse Corona Renderer as much as they can. Right now there is Alpha v6 Release candidate version RC3 available to all our daily build testers for this purposes. If everything goes well, there is no reason to not make Alpha 6 public.

What about price? Limitations?

Price is still nice & round zero and there are still no limitations, watermarks, etc. You can use A6 for as long as you want and on any commercial projects.
Why? Because we do have some exciting plans and we are really confident that we will still be able to significantly improve Corona after A6.

We are planning to release another article which will compare A6 to A5, present new features, bugfixes, speed improvement, and so on, so make sure to bookmark the blog! Lots of interesting stuff will be published here. And do not forget, rendering is magic ;).

Adam & Ondra



As you might remember, last week on 5/6/2014 I had a chance to present the pre-release Corona Alpha 6 on 3ds london event – Thank you Simon for the invitation! I really enjoyed being back in London and having chance to talk to the old friends from cg field which I haven’t seen for a while and being able to present them what we did with our Corona renderer. Presentation went very well (that is just my impression) and we got some incredible feedback, which is extremely valuable for us – as you – artists – are helping us to tailor Corona Renderer exactly to your needs. Apart of them I got a chance to visit some great London based studios – namely Vyonyx, Asymmetrica, ModelworksMedia, RiverFilm, CityscapeDigital. Simply put – it was great, thanks again guys for letting me present at your studios. I hope that it was not the last time we did this.


Corona development blog launched


Welcome everyone on our official Corona Renderer Developer’s Blog. Yay!

We have decided to keep you informed about all the “behind the scenes info” of Corona Renderer Development. Everyone from our team will have a chance to present the latest development, thoughts, ideas and all the other movement happening on this blog.

Opening our own blog gives us new platform which is not limited by restricted facebook statuses, twitter’s 140 characters or forum posts. We hope that here you will be able to find all that little extra info without necessity to dig deep in our forum feeds.

PS:  Oh, and thanks to Martin Geupel for the great header image for the blog!