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Maximizing artistic expression in Chaos Corona 10: Webinar recap

Chaos Corona 10 was recently released to the world, and artists were psyched to see what new features and improvements the developers had cooked up for the 3D community. To help everyone understand what the new version is capable of, we decided to hold an in-depth webinar. 

Tom, the Product Manager, was the star of the show, giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at all the cool new stuff that makes Chaos Corona 10 the go-to rendering solution for artists looking for ease of use and photoreal results in their day-to-day workflow. In this blog post, we’ll give you a recap of what you need to know about the new features. Make sure to rewatch the webinar to see the features demonstrated in action!


Decals have been improved to expand the capabilities of Corona 9, enabling users to disable and enable channels individually, blend displacement and bump with the base, and turn off all the channels.

Cameras and volumes

Cameras can now be placed inside a volume, and it will render correctly, which was not possible in Corona 9 and earlier versions. A camera can now easily be half in and half out of a volume, and it will still render correctly.

Camera Sky and Depth of Field Highlight Solver

Direct input in the Corona Sun can now be used to change the color of lighting on clouds. The new depth of field highlight solver now gives greatly improved results for the blurring of highlights that are direct light sources and reflections.

Caustics and Improved Listers

The improvements made for caustics now keep the brightness in the caustics on larger resolutions. The new and improved listers let users work with lighting, cameras, displacement, proxies, and scatters giving easy access to find them and an easy way to edit them.

Multiple Input Connect Maps and Scattering

Tom also discussed the improvements made to maps in 3ds Max and scattering, whereas, in Cinema 4D, users can now scatter onto scatters.

Wait, there’s more?

There are a few other smaller improvements made in Corona 10, such as improved anisotropy (reflections on rough surfaces), support for triplanar mapping in Chaos Scans materials, and support for blur in Cinema 4D. There’s also the joint release of a new Corona 10 Benchmark, which is based on the current rendering core and is more suitable for testing newer and faster machines.

Designing immersive environments with Corona 10’s lighting features

Corona 10 house

Designing immersive environments is now an even more exciting and rewarding experience, with the latest lighting features in Corona 10. The newest version of Corona offers caustics that maintain detail and realism even in 4K and higher resolutions, adding depth and complexity to your scene. You can now also adjust cloud lighting with Direct Color in Corona Sun, and with the Corona Lister, you can manage scenes more effortlessly than ever before.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can create more immersive environments with Corona 10’s lighting features and leverage them to their full potential.

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A Portrait of a Digital Age

In this blog post Bogdan Sasu talks to us about his latest collaboration with Ian Spriggs, a new book called ‘A Portrait of a Digital Age’, as well as what perfection can mean for an artist always striving for that next level, and how Corona Renderer can ease the pain of worrying about technical parameters, freeing you to be more creative!

Ian Spriggs - A Portrait of a Digital Age
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4pixos Studio Interview

In this studio profile we talk to Dexter Nguyen who founded 4pixos Studio, and learn about his life and studio work, as well as the 4pixos Academy courses that they run. There are also fantastic insights into the architectural visualization industry in Vietnam, and advice for anyone looking to develop their skills.

4pixos - Varenna meets Natuzzi
4pixos – Varenna meets Natuzzi
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The Tyrconnell Bar Scene Making of Tutorial – David Turfitt

In this blog we catch up with David Turfitt, David previously wrote a popular article with us all about rendering a whiskey bottle. This is an even more in-depth look into the process of creating not just the bottle, but a whole bar scene.

The Tyrconnell bar scene - Final image
The Tyrconnell bar scene – Final image
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In this article, we catch up with Francesco Legrenzi, the author of what would go on to be the definitive guide for V-Ray back in 2008. Francesco has spent the last 4 years dedicating himself to writing a similar guide for Corona Renderer, with the aim of making it just as definitive! We spoke with him about the book, and the work that has gone in to writing it.

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Behind the scenes: the Corona Renderer development process!

Developing something as sophisticated and complex as a mature render engine is no easy task. We thought you would enjoy a look behind the scenes at some of what goes into it, and this time our focus is on how we choose what to work on next, and what kinds of things can affect our plans.

Corona Renderer Behind the Scenes

Economy is Care

Toward the end of last year, Swiss film and animation studio Guave Motion released their “Economy is Care” animation, aiming to encourage people to ask questions about the current state of the economy, and delivered with a distinctive rendering style. We spoke with CEO and 2D/3D Generalist David Fritsche about how the project came to be, and how they created it!

Economy is Care from Guave Motion

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