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In this article, we catch up with Francesco Legrenzi, the author of what would go on to be the definitive guide for V-Ray back in 2008. Francesco has spent the last 4 years dedicating himself to writing a similar guide for Corona Renderer, with the aim of making it just as definitive! We spoke with him about the book, and the work that has gone in to writing it.

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Back in 2018, we talked with Brazilian animation studio Stratostorm. We caught up with them again recently to learn about their beautiful new short film ‘Umbrella’, Directed by Helena Hilario and Mario Pece on their duo directorial debut.
With character design by Victor Hugo (known for his work with Marvel and Disney), the animation has been taking the film festival world by storm, winning a lot of awards on its path to the Academy Awards (hopefully!)


Jakub Cech – CGI: An Artistic Medium

We catch up with Jakub Cech about his beautiful new film exploring computer graphics as an artistic medium. The film premiered at Academy Days X in Venice last October, with a follow on talk about it in Kyjev.

We talk about how it came to be, the processes that went into creating it, as well as how “CGI is the new painting, sculpture and photography in one artistic medium”.


Catching up with Okdraw

Back in July 2016, we spoke with Portuguese 3D studio Okdraw about the OhPorto Apartment Hotel project (which included some before, during, and after photos of the work as well as renders). Now, over three years later, we caught up with Hugo Ferreira and Pedro Teixeira to see what has been happening at the studio in that time!


Syntactic Labyrinths

When we recently heard about an animation project using Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, we got in touch with Blauw Films to learn more about it. Called “Syntactic Labyrinths”, it’s a science fiction story about trying to preserve the sum total of all human knowledge in the face of a calamity. Leonardo Verkoelen, the Director of Blauw Films, told us all about it!


The CG industry in Poland

In June last year, the BW3 arch-viz conference took place in Wroclaw, Poland. Corona Renderer was very well represented, and we caught up with organizer Michal Nowak, and artists Bartosz Domiczek and Marcin Jastrzebski to hear more about the CG industry in Poland today.

Bartek, Marcin and Michal
Bartosz, Marcin and Michal
Read about BW3 and CG in Poland!

Matteo Rossi – automotive rendering, and a meeting with Horacio Pagani

Matteo Rossi is a freelance 3D artist who uses Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, and specializes in product visualization – with a particular love of automotive rendering. We had a chat with him about his career, choice of tools, and a recent meeting with Horacio Pagani himself.

Matteo Rossi, BMW M4 interior, Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D
One of Matteo’s recent projects, the interior of a BMW M4.

Read about Matteo’s work!

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Iván Zabalza González: from the Corona Academy to traveling the world!

We caught up with Iván Zabalza González, one of the most active Primary Certified Instructors from Corona Academy, to ask about his travels around the world teaching Corona Renderer – find out about scary plane flights, eating grasshoppers, and more!


Ivan Zabalza in Cochabamba - Bolivia
Ivan in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Read more about Ivan’s adventures!

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Behind the scenes at animation studio, Stratostorm

Stratostorm was founded in December 2014 and is an independently-owned creative production studio, specializing in Visual Effects, 3D Animation and Compositing, with offices in São Paulo and Los Angeles. We spoke with Founder and Exectutive Producer & Business Development, Helena Hilario, to learn more about Stratostorm and their work.

Esquadrão Anticáries | Molar from StratoStorm.

Read about Stratostorm, and how they use Corona Renderer for their animations!

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Evan Alexander – 3D in the Design Process for Live Concerts and Television Events

Evan Alexander is a visualizer for stage shows, concerts and live TV events, and has used Corona Renderer to help create the designs for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in New York, Jesus Christ Superstar Live for NBC, and Sam Smith’s ‘The Thrill of It All” tour, and more.

In this article, he shares background about his career, how his tools and workflow have evolved over the years, and how Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D has become indispensable in his work, where fast-turnaround of changes and accurate lighting are critical.

Evan Alexander, personal work

Read about how Evan uses Corona Renderer for stage and set design!

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