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Designing immersive environments with Corona 10’s lighting features

Corona 10 house

Designing immersive environments is now an even more exciting and rewarding experience, with the latest lighting features in Corona 10. The newest version of Corona offers caustics that maintain detail and realism even in 4K and higher resolutions, adding depth and complexity to your scene. You can now also adjust cloud lighting with Direct Color in Corona Sun, and with the Corona Lister, you can manage scenes more effortlessly than ever before.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can create more immersive environments with Corona 10’s lighting features and leverage them to their full potential.

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Chaos Corona 10 released!

Corona 10 is out now, with a focus on streamlining your workflow and helping you be driven by your creativity!


Here’s the quick overview of just some of the biggest new features:


Start downloading while you read!


Trial Refresh: All users, even on a trial, get a full 30 day trial refresh to try out both the new features, and the new products added into the subscription. Download and install Corona 10 from the link above, and enjoy trying all the new features.

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Recent Spaces test out caustics in production scenes

Corona Renderer 4 introduced a whole new way of calculating caustics – but are they practical for use in actual production scenes? And what about in animations?

London-based architectural & design visualization studio Recent Spaces are always on the look-out for the ultimate in photo-realism, so their artist Tobias Grendelmeier did some testing to find out and shared their findings with us.

Recent Spaces – Caustics R&D from Recent Spaces

Read recent spaces’ results on testing caustics!

The CG industry in Poland

In June last year, the BW3 arch-viz conference took place in Wroclaw, Poland. Corona Renderer was very well represented, and we caught up with organizer Michal Nowak, and artists Bartosz Domiczek and Marcin Jastrzebski to hear more about the CG industry in Poland today.

Bartek, Marcin and Michal
Bartosz, Marcin and Michal
Read about BW3 and CG in Poland!

Great Talks About Photo Realism

You may already have heard about the upcoming book, Great Talks About Photo Realism – as you might expect from the title, Corona Renderer artists are well-represented between its covers! We found out more about how the book came to be.

Great Talks About Photo Realism book cover.
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Catching up with Valentinstudio

It’s good to make new friends, but it’s great to meet up with old friends and catch up on what has been going on! Almost exactly two years ago, back in 2017, we had the pleasure of presenting a company profile of Valentinstudio, a 3D agency based in Lyon, France. We caught up with them to hear about what has changed in those 2 years, and see some of their latest projects!

Valentinstudio Ferme Salon A
Read the latest from valentinstudio!

A company profile of 10EightyTwo

We spoke with Will Rayner, founder of 10EightyTwo, to learn about how he got started in the industry, what the company specializes in, and how Corona fits into their workflow.

10EightyTwo Detrafford Glasshouse Dining Room
Detrafford Glasshouse Dining Room

Learn about 10EightyTwo
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Eduard Caliman – Interior Visuals

Today we present to you a set of amazing interior renders by 3D artist Eduard Caliman:

Corona Renderer - Eduard Caliman - Luxurious Living Room 1

Hi, my name is Eduard Caliman and I own a visualization studio in the UK where I create visuals for interior design studios, architects, creative agencies and product manufacturing companies.

Continue reading to see further examples of artwork by Eduard, and find out why Corona is his favorite render engine…

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