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Boost Realism with Corona Decals

Corona Decals are special box-shaped objects which you can use to project materials onto your geometry. You can think of them as little stickers covering your scene with extra detail wherever they are placed. They don’t necessarily need to be little though, and thanks to their advanced options you can achieve much more than just adding details. In this article we’ll explore various traditional and unconventional ways of using Decals.

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Bringing architecture to life with Ewelina Lekka

Ewelina Lekka is an architect by profession and a self-taught 3D artist running her own company EL DESIGN Ewelina Lekka Visualizations. She specializes in exterior and interior visualizations full of high-quality greenery and rich environments. Apart from commercial projects, Ewelina also devotes her time to personal projects with the aim of exploring the relationship between architecture and nature while honing her skills. Let’s join Ewelina on a stroll through her serene worlds and learn a few tips on working efficiently with Corona and a healthy work-life balance.

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Mastering the art of archviz: Insights from Impact Design Studio

Impact Design Studio was established in 2010 in Ahmedabad, India, by two young brothers in the archviz industry. After sharing their widely acclaimed project, ANUTHAM, they achieved a great deal of recognition from the general public and the Chaos Corona forum. This recognition served as a turning point for the studio, propelling them to consistently strive for excellence in the years ahead.

We sat down with Manji Vagjiyani, the owner of Impact Design Studio, who gave us insight into the studio’s values, their approach to collaboration, helpful tips on creating powerful visual storytelling, and a breakdown of one of their latest villa projects rendered in Chaos Corona. Read on to learn more about the innovative work of Impact Design in the field of archviz.

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A Portrait of a Digital Age

In this blog post Bogdan Sasu talks to us about his latest collaboration with Ian Spriggs, a new book called ‘A Portrait of a Digital Age’, as well as what perfection can mean for an artist always striving for that next level, and how Corona Renderer can ease the pain of worrying about technical parameters, freeing you to be more creative!

Ian Spriggs - A Portrait of a Digital Age
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4pixos Studio Interview

In this studio profile we talk to Dexter Nguyen who founded 4pixos Studio, and learn about his life and studio work, as well as the 4pixos Academy courses that they run. There are also fantastic insights into the architectural visualization industry in Vietnam, and advice for anyone looking to develop their skills.

4pixos - Varenna meets Natuzzi
4pixos – Varenna meets Natuzzi
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In this article, we catch up with Francesco Legrenzi, the author of what would go on to be the definitive guide for V-Ray back in 2008. Francesco has spent the last 4 years dedicating himself to writing a similar guide for Corona Renderer, with the aim of making it just as definitive! We spoke with him about the book, and the work that has gone in to writing it.

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