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Boost Realism with Corona Decals

Corona Decals are special box-shaped objects which you can use to project materials onto your geometry. You can think of them as little stickers covering your scene with extra detail wherever they are placed. They don’t necessarily need to be little though, and thanks to their advanced options you can achieve much more than just adding details. In this article we’ll explore various traditional and unconventional ways of using Decals.

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Bringing architecture to life with Ewelina Lekka

Ewelina Lekka is an architect by profession and a self-taught 3D artist running her own company EL DESIGN Ewelina Lekka Visualizations. She specializes in exterior and interior visualizations full of high-quality greenery and rich environments. Apart from commercial projects, Ewelina also devotes her time to personal projects with the aim of exploring the relationship between architecture and nature while honing her skills. Let’s join Ewelina on a stroll through her serene worlds and learn a few tips on working efficiently with Corona and a healthy work-life balance.

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Corona Renderer 1.6 for 3ds Max Released!

We’re excited to announce the release of Corona Renderer 1.6 for Autodesk 3ds Max!

The wait was worth it, as we’re giving you some really sweet features with this version! Find out what’s new in the video and quick facts below:


For the tl;dr generation – get a brief look at what’s new:

Read more for full details on the update and the download link!

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Little Things by Mister & Missus

Every animation has a source of inspiration, and in the case of “Little Things” by Mister & Missus, those inspirations were a happy toddler, an unhappy car ride, and a pink muppet.

We spoke with Sam Mason (one of two directors of the piece) about the film, which has a wonderful sense of fantasy and surrealism, and a look that calls Technicolor classics to mind.

Hear from Sam about the making of the film!
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Francesco Legrenzi – The Making Of A Mountain Home Interior

Francesco Legrenzi of Legrenzi Studio prepared a ‘making-of’ for a project created in Corona 1.3, where he reveals some of his workflow secrets which eventually led to the creation of an amazing, photoreal interior.

Corona Renderer - Francesco Legrenzi - Mountain Home Interior 01

1. Introduction

First, I would like to personally thank Ondra Karlík and the whole Corona team for the enormous effort that has eventually resulted in what I believe is currently the best 3ds Max rendering engine for architecture and design. Many users around the world, from inexperienced students to skilled professionals, are now migrating to this wonderful program.

It’s been three years now that I have been using Corona in all of my projects. Our studio is relatively small, so we cannot use two different rendering engines. At one point, we had to make a choice. Three years ago it might have seemed risky. But it quickly turned out to be a very smart decision.

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A Dark Jedi and a Renegade Princess by Jeronimo Gomez

Take a trip to the dark side! Even when 3D is just one step along the way, Corona is a powerful addition to your toolset. Jeronimo Gomez tells us how he used Corona’s rendering passes to create the template for his image, and then used photobashing and over-painting to give the final result.

CGPlus_Reimagine Star Wars Contest_Jeronimo Gomez_FINAL

Read on to see how Jeronimo created his image…

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Museum of Modern Art – virtual tour by Guillermo Leal LLaguno

Guillermo Leal LLaguno of Steelblue created a virtual tour of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as his personal project. Click on the image below to experience the virtual tour, and read more to find out how it was made.

Museum of Modern Art - Guillermo LLaguno - Corona Renderer 1

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Eduard Caliman – Interior Visuals

Today we present to you a set of amazing interior renders by 3D artist Eduard Caliman:

Corona Renderer - Eduard Caliman - Luxurious Living Room 1

Hi, my name is Eduard Caliman and I own a visualization studio in the UK where I create visuals for interior design studios, architects, creative agencies and product manufacturing companies.

Continue reading to see further examples of artwork by Eduard, and find out why Corona is his favorite render engine…

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Romeo Reboot

Romeo Reboot directed by Rafael Grampá is one of four 10-minute films produced by Axe/Lynx. Corona Renderer was used to achieve realism and integrate the giant and other computer-generated objects into the live action footage.

Continue reading for a detailed description and breakdown videos…

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