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Little Things by Mister & Missus

Every animation has a source of inspiration, and in the case of “Little Things” by Mister & Missus, those inspirations were a happy toddler, an unhappy car ride, and a pink muppet.

We spoke with Sam Mason (one of two directors of the piece) about the film, which has a wonderful sense of fantasy and surrealism, and a look that calls Technicolor classics to mind.

Hear from Sam about the making of the film!
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Corona Renderer 1.0 – One Month After

In this blog post I would like to inform you about our future plans and what you can expect in following weeks. It is actually one month and 11 days later, but we simply did not have any spare time to write this blog post earlier ;).

Important things first!


Our promo prices (and first demo periods) will expire really soon. So if you want to catch a good price, then do it quick! You can get your Corona Renderer license from our online store!

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