Corona Renderer 1.0 – One Month After

In this blog post I would like to inform you about our future plans and what you can expect in following weeks. It is actually one month and 11 days later, but we simply did not have any spare time to write this blog post earlier ;).

Important things first!


Our promo prices (and first demo periods) will expire really soon. So if you want to catch a good price, then do it quick! You can get your Corona Renderer license from our online store!

“How Are the Sales Going?”

We cannot reveal details, but they are going well. As per our plan, we have secured funding for the core team, paid off debts, and now we are looking to expand. The FairSaaS/subscription licensing model is a big hit – 9 in 10 customers prefer FairSaaS over box licenses, and only about 1% of customers opted for the perpetual box without subscription. I will say it, traditional perpetual license model is dead.


“So What Are You Doing With My Money?”

All the income from sales goes back to the company – establishing a new offices and expanding our development team. Our team will double in the next 45 days. We will look into new features, core improvements, and development for new platforms. Great times ahead folks!

We are extremely grateful for your support so far, you are allowing us to do what we love – developing the Corona Renderer.


“What Did You Do in the Last Month?”

We have…

  • Closed the old office in Brno.
  • Opened new administrative office in Prostejov.
  • Opened new development office in Prague.
  • Refurbished Pragues office.
  • Conducted number of job interviews with potential new reinforcements to our team.
  • Identified and fixed a number of issues in Corona 1.0 and released 1.00.02 bugfix for 3ds Max version.
  • Reignited C4D development – you will soon get your hands on new public build.
  • Extended the list of supported render farms (and more will join soon).
  • Started making official Corona video tutorials, some of them will be released in the following weeks.
  • Refined some topics on our support portal.
  • And more things which we cannot publicly announce yet.

Little photo set:

Prague Office (before reconstruction) + Prostejov Office + Corona Cake Murder

Corona Prague Office - house of doomCorona Prague Office - prior reconstruction01. jpgCorona Prague Office - prior reconstruction02Corona Prague Office - prior reconstruction04. jpg

Corona Prague OfficeCorona Prostejov OfficeCelebration

News – Corona Renderer for 3ds Max

Despite the hectic changes and motion in the past month we have found a time for regular development and bug fixes. We will soon release another bugfix build (1.00.03) which will be available for everyone.

The first new feature release, Corona Renderer 1.1, will be released in couple of  weeks. It will not be a huge update, due to the fact that we had to concentrate on bugfixes and expanding the company itself, but it will bring some cool new functions. It will be available to all customers on FairSaaS or Box with Subscription, and will include:

  • numerous bug fixes (work in progress)
  • much faster Particle Flow,  without memory limitations and with better motion blur support (ready now)
  • improved, unobtrusive render setup error/warning messages (work in progress)
  • first implementation of CoronaBitmap loader (planned)


News – Corona Renderer for C4D

Our main Corona for C4D developer Aleš is now committed to Corona development more than ever before. We are releasing test builds for our testers every Friday, and Alpha v2 (featuring the 1.0 Corona core) is on the horizon. This will be the year of Corona for C4D.

Corona Renderer Alpha v2 for Cinema4D will bring:

  • Corona 1.0 core
  • Multipass (i.e. Render Elements) (ready)
  • UHD cache – with save & load feature (ready)
  • New render settings UI (work in progress)
  • Blend Material (work in progress)
  • Light Portals (ready)
  • Better animation support (ready)
  • Numerous bug fixes (work in progress)


News – Corona Renderer for Maya

We are finishing porting the Maya plugin to the Corona 1.0 core. As soon as it is done, we will aim at releasing the first public alpha version.



News – Corona Renderer Standalone

The standalone application is now available with the 1.0 core as well. And there are rumors that the Blender exporter development will resume ;).


News – Possible New Plugins

SketchUp & Modo – We are currently evaluating the possibilities of bringing Corona to these two platforms.  Nothing is 100 percent certain yet, but these two platforms are in our view-finder.

Corona Renderer for Sketchup



Road Map

We will release development road map for Corona in the couple of following weeks, so you will know what to expect.


Corona Support

Our support specialist Marcin is now working on series of basic Corona Renderer tutorials. You can also suggest which tutorials you would like to see. Just drop him an email at or submit a ticket on our Helpdesk portal


Alpha 6 is FREE Forever

We said that before and we have to say it again. Corona Renderer Alpha 6 stays free for everyone without limitations of any kind. And we have recently made it available also for 3ds Max 2015! You can get it here.


47 thoughts on “Corona Renderer 1.0 – One Month After

  1. A SketchUp plugin like that shown, even only for clay renders with HDRi lights etc, would be infinitely helpful!

    Great to see it in your scopes.

    1. Agreed.

      As most offices run sketchup as part of the design phase, the ability to get great images without relying on a couple of in house specialists or a visualisation company. I’d even go further to say that with the monthly licensing system and a plugin for sketchup would bring in a lot of cash flow.

    2. As LW user, i stress the need of a port for of this awesome engine for our software. We have good devs which could handle everything without charging other work on Corona team’s shoulders. We would really welcome this tool in our arsenal.

  2. Do you have any plan for Rhino yet ? We are using it extensively in architectural field.
    Please think about Corona for Rhino…. 🙂

  3. congratulations to you all. It’s a great product and some really amazing work is starting to get created with it.

  4. Adam,

    please do consider Lightwave; we might not be very vocal about it, but a significant part of the userbase would more than welcome Corona.

  5. it would be great to have Corona for LightWave . Many users will be enthusiastic , and would be happy to buy your incredible engine!

  6. please, develop the rendering engine also for Lightwave.
    Lightwave is a solid solution for archviz and the absence of vray would make Corona the best (and unique)external engine for the cpu rendering.

    1. That may be true, but please stop with the brigading/flooding of our forum/blog with requests. If 10 people in 10 minutes post more or less the same, it is pretty obvious that this is an organized “raid” from some user forum. We know there are lightwave users wanting Corona. But if anything, this spamming will influence the decision only negatively.

  7. Please do not misunderstand us LightWave users.
    If our comment were meant to be flood, spam or any raidlike annoying action, then we would not put our real names and emails in the first place, would we?

    In my honest opinion you guys should be more than glad, because we are showing our great interest in what you’ve done so far. We are actually interested in your incredibly good product and that’s about it.

    So I myself want to join the “raid” and ask for a LightWave version of Corona Render, sooner or later it doesn’t matter as long as we can buy and use such a good piece of software.

    Thank you for your patience and kindess.

  8. Sorry about the short posting interval, Ondra, and it’s true that we were just discussing Corona on a forum; however, we’re not a bunch of script kiddies with too much time and possibly computing power in their hands; we are a group of professional 3D “artists” (the quotation marks only apply to me, of course) and while we might occasionally raid restaurants, we’d never dream of spamming a blog – if you can call four posts “spamming” anyway.

    As for the negative influence said four posts might have… Er… I mean, come on..!


  9. I don’t understand why LightWave 3D isn’t considered as software upon which port your rendering engine. I, and many others LW users, hope that you reconsider your choice. LightWave 3D is a software widely used in the world and can’t be ignored.
    We need your engine!!!

    1. We considered it, but unfortunately in the end, we had to choose. And we had the opportunity to sign up developers who already know APIs of the other applications.

  10. it’s July now and we are still waiting for Corona for Sketchup … it’s gonna be a revolution

  11. Please make corona for modo, I and still at least 2,000 people from my community, looking forward to this!

  12. Corona for Lightwave3d
    Their is an all new Lightwave coming soon so i could kinda understand the deboggle as its better to create a plugin that works for the All new version instead of the outgoing version. Dunno how that communication would go between your team and LWG. But needless to say i think corona is one of the best new renderers around. I use LW along side Octane renderer and im blown away by the speed of Corona in comparison, CPU vs GPU. Though Octane can be unthinably Crazy fast with enough GPU’s, On normal worstation setups,Corona is actually faster to final
    Clean rendering results and Octane, Particularily for indoor low light scenes. Octane is good but certainly need render quality improvements. Corona is fantastic certainly on par with Vray and ide say better than Maxwell. all simular algorithms im sure but Corona is so fast and clean in low light areas, very Very impressive. So ide love to have such a renderer along side Lightwave, which in itself is a much older but great swiss army knife of a package.

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