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New Horizons – plans for 2017 and beyond

New Horizons

New Horizons for Corona Renderer

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Render Legion and Corona Renderer. We will be doubling our development team so that we can build more great software, and do so faster and smarter.

How? After a long 13 months of perfecting our plans, we have agreed to join forces with Chaos Group, which will make a massive long-term investment in Corona Renderer, paired with a vast amount of their technological IP which will help us to push Corona Renderer and other projects even further.

We firmly believe that by making this move we do the best possible thing for you, our users, to deliver the best tools in the shortest period of time while future-proofing the company.

We are happy that we were able to find a partner who is respectable, skilled and with a proven track record of creating great software, and who shares the same vision about the future of CG software.

Ondra and Vlado

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Introducing Corona VR workflow

Good news everyone! Render Legion is working with to provide one-click, integrated solution for distributing virtual reality tours!


2016 is shaping up to be the year of Virtual Reality! It has been around for 15+ years, but only now is it finally looking usable and widely accessible. New mobile VR devices like Samsung Gear VR or Google’s upcoming DayDream will make it easier than ever to deliver a simple and quality VR experience to everyone.

We plan to stay ahead with this popular technology, so we’d like to introduce you to the “Corona VR” project, which is co-developed with the promising young startup


theConstruct Logo
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Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Alpha v5 released!

Corona Renderer - C4D Alpha 5

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is advancing towards its first commercial release, due later this year. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but in the meantime, please enjoy this FREE version of  Alpha v5 for Cinema 4D.

Ales has added the greatly-anticipated Team Render support, CoronaProxy, and VR camera, along with plenty of other improvements and fixes in this version. Below you can see the list of the most important changes and improvements.

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Corona Renderer 1.3 for 3ds Max released

Corona Renderer 1.3 blog post

Here it comes: our biggest update so far. We are proud to present you the Corona Renderer 1.3 for Autodesk 3ds Max. It took us long 96 days, but we are sure it was worth the wait. The whole team did a tremendous amount of work in past months on this release and I would like to say thanks to everyone involved in this process. Thank you.

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Corona Renderer 1.2 for 3ds Max – released

Corona Renderer 1.2

Here we go again. Corona Renderer version 1.2 for 3ds Max is being served piping hot!
This is our fastest delivery of the new version so far – it took us just 43 days from the release date of version 1.1. As we stated before, we prefer this strategy of releasing multiple smaller updates, so you always have the chance to use our latest tech. Hopefully everything will run smoothly 🙂


Quick Facts

  • Corona Render 1.2 is freely available to all our customers on FairSaaS (monthly, yearly), Box with Subscription and Educational/Student license.
  • Supports Autodesk 3ds Max versions 2011-2016.

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Spring 2015: Roadmap and Project Update


Our roadmap for 3ds Max version is finally online on our trello board. We have published information about two upcoming versions so now you can see what is ahead.

Corona Renderer Roadmap

As you can see we intend to release the version 1.2 in less than 45 days after the release of the version 1.1. We would like to keep a similar release cycle also for the most of the future updates.

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Render Legion and AMD Announce Cooperation

FireRender logoWe are finally able to announce some interesting development in our company. Last year we have decided to explore other projects beside Corona Renderer and cooperate with third parties. Our main goal was to get access to resources, knowledge, and exposure that would be out of our reach otherwise, by cooperating with interesting partners.

Our first of these “special operations” projects is developing a 3ds Max integration plugin for AMD FireRender. FireRender is a GPU renderer developed by AMD primarily for AMD FirePro GPUs. We were responsible for plugging this existing product into 3ds Max. You can read more info about FireRender in AMD’s press release.

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Corona Renderer 1.0 – One Month After

In this blog post I would like to inform you about our future plans and what you can expect in following weeks. It is actually one month and 11 days later, but we simply did not have any spare time to write this blog post earlier ;).

Important things first!


Our promo prices (and first demo periods) will expire really soon. So if you want to catch a good price, then do it quick! You can get your Corona Renderer license from our online store!

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Corona Renderer and The 2016 Ford GT

When I was young, I had a poster of Ford GT40 on my bedroom wall and I wanted to drive it one day. Even though that dream never came true for me, discovering that Corona was involved in making of its successor, the new Ford GT 2016, was even better ;).
In this post, Andy Tanguay describes the process and challenges of making images of this legendary car.



Corona was used to create all of the vehicle CG for the press event for the unveiling of the all-new Ford GT on January 12, 2015 at the Detroit North American International Auto Show.

Developed under the codename ‘Project Phoenix’, this LeMan’s bound super car has been in very secret development for just over a year and was the huge hit of the NAIAS. Projected onto a massive 180 ft wide screen filling Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, the presentation was rendered with Corona at 7600×1200.

Andy Tanguay - Ford GT 2016

Andy Tanguay - Ford GT 2016

Andy Tanguay - Ford GT 2016

The Corona-rendered GT starts up around the :50 mark

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