Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Alpha v5 released!

Corona Renderer - C4D Alpha 5

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is advancing towards its first commercial release, due later this year. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but in the meantime, please enjoy this FREE version of  Alpha v5 for Cinema 4D.

Ales has added the greatly-anticipated Team Render support, CoronaProxy, and VR camera, along with plenty of other improvements and fixes in this version. Below you can see the list of the most important changes and improvements.

Download Link

Download the installer for Cinema 4D R14-R17 for Windows here.


Major new features

  • Team Render support
  • Corona Proxy
  • Spherical, Cylindrical and VR camera

Other Improvements

  • Rewritten implementation for C4D infinite and parallel light
  • Support for C4D normal direction shader
  • Added Corona bitmap shader (with UDIM support)
  • Color mapping overrides in camera
  • Support for Blend with more than two sub-materials


  • Fixed problems with various C4D versions where plugin would not load or crash C4D during initialization
  • Improved noise shader stability
  • Fixed displacement crashes
  • Corona VFB stability
  • Lots of minor material­ related fixes


Closer look at some of the features

Team Render Support

TeamRender is supported for R15+ for both single image and animation rendering. There shouldn’t be any additional limitations, so you can use your current scenes without any change. Just keep in mind that by default, TR clients won’t show license popup asking for activation, so you need to either activate Corona by running full C4D, using our Licensing Server  or use manual activation.

Corona Renderer C4D - Team Render


Corona Renderer C4D - Team Render


VR Camera

Corona Renderer C4D - VR Camera

Corona Proxy Support

Corona proxy (.cproxy) is now supported in the C4D version. This format is cross-platform, so you can use your .cproxy files from the 3ds Max version.

Corona Renderer C4D - Corona Proxy


Mac Version Status

As you may have already noticed, this alpha version does not come with an OSX installer, but Nik is working day and night on making this happen, re-writing the corona core so OSX (and Linux) is supported in future releases.

We might have the first test renders from OSX standalone in a matter of two or three weeks. And once the full Corona core has been rewritten, Nik will help Ales with C4D version for Mac. Exciting times ahead!

Corona Renderer C4D for Mac

Future Releases?

We plan to release at least one more free version before the release of the commercial version, but if we will need to release one extra version in between, to improve and test the product further, we will do it. We also intend to release the commercial Mac version alongside the Win version as well. Let’s see how it will go.

News from the Non-Development Side of Things.

We are currently working on the new support portal for C4D version, preparing basic tutorials and looking for experienced users who are willing to create some great, more advanced tutorials for our C4D plugin. If you feel that you one of them, please get in touch!


That’s all folks! Thank you for your support.

Adam & Corona team


41 thoughts on “Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Alpha v5 released!

  1. I am Mac user and excitedly waiting for the Mac version.
    Congratulations for great works,take care.
    Greetings from Türkiye with love.

  2. What about sketchup (2016)?! I had some BETA versions, as a tester… and even could not start Sketchup after installation. neither SU 2015, nor SU 2016… 🙁
    Yet I would loooove to work with it.

  3. Won’t install on windows 8 cinema 4d r17, It goes thru installation no problem, and it shows successfully installed but when I open cinema nothing under renderers or plugins

  4. Don`t work, the installation was successful but the plugins and renderer (render settings) folder in C4D is empty.

  5. Corona installed and visible in Plugin folder.

    However not showing up in Render settings or plugin menu!!!!!????

  6. Same here PC Win 10 CD4 R17 Installs, plugins in the correct folder but nothing there when I open CD4 not render settings and no plug-in (sigh)

  7. yep doesn’t work for me too…
    on Windows 8 ….
    I even tried installing in compatibility mode (even if its a dumb try!)
    but the thing is… As you can see all of the other fellas are talking about how awesome it is and for us its just …. we curious to see ….
    and please reply! no one replied to the other comments….

  8. I am use mac only and need mac-version too.
    Believe we can test mac-plugin in soonest release.
    Good luck friends 😉

  9. Did all of the Windows updates and it loaded as expected only to find the interactive viewer kept crashing so not worth trying until that works properly. Have got too used to more or less instant feedback in Thea Render

  10. Hi I have tried VRay and found it difficult to master without any assistance. I also found that x-frog plant textures didn’t translate over. How does Corona cope with this, and do I have to retexture entire projects.

  11. Corona is seriously the best and fastest render engine i’ve ever seen in my 20 years of being a professional renderer.

    Great work guys!

  12. Can you please advise when are we getting the multi-material stacking, this is IMO the biggest issue with people who work with many labels and textures over the same object…

  13. We love Nik!! One question… will it be making use of the AMD GPUs on the Mac Pro (Dustbin’s) as no other programs have been able to use them due to the poor OpenGL drivers?

  14. Hi! Thanks a lot for all the work you have done, I’m looking for the link to download the c4D mac version but still can’t find it.

    Please Help.

    Best regards,


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