Chaos Unboxed Live: the recap

Discover how Chaos will redefine visualization with AI-powered features and smart products that will help you produce your best work without limitations.

We’re about to awake to a new dawn in visualization, where exciting tools and technologies will allow everyone to create anything they can imagine, without limitations. And Chaos is determined to be at the forefront of this creative revolution. But how?

That’s the question we set out to answer with Chaos Unboxed Live. This online keynote, led by Chaos CEO Christian Lang, gave an overview of the company’s future direction. Check out our amazing unboxing video, and read on to find out what we’ve got coming up.

The three principles

The best things in life come in threes. Something like that, anyway. The future of Chaos products revolves around three core principles:

Accelerating creativity: We’ll provide user-friendly yet powerful tools with AI enhancements. Chaos aims to empower users without replacing their creativity by offering them a better brush to bring their visions to life faster and with greater control.

Delivering fully interconnected solutions: A seamless workflow is key, allowing creations to flow effortlessly between different parts of the process without requiring rework.

Being available everywhere: Ensuring accessibility across all platforms, from desktops and browsers to mobile devices and virtual reality, empowering users to meet their audiences wherever they are.

Based on this tremendous trio of trajectories, Chaos is taking visualization in new and innovative directions across its product portfolio: V-Ray, Corona, Enscape, Chaos Vantage, Cylindo, and Chaos Cosmos, plus some exciting new products. Let’s dive into what we announced and how it will help make life easier and more fun for architects, designers, artists, and filmmakers.


Corona, our photorealistic renderer renowned for its ease of use and high-quality output, is now enhancing teamwork and workflow efficiency with support for Cloud Collaboration, .vrscene files, and Chaos Vantage

As a result, users will soon be able to seamlessly collaborate on projects, share assets, and streamline their rendering workflow. The integration of .vrscene files and Chaos Vantage will ensure compatibility and flexibility, allowing for a more dynamic and efficient rendering experience. These improvements mark a significant leap forward in the capabilities of Corona, empowering users to achieve stunning visual results with unprecedented speed.


V-Ray, is our industry-leading photorealistic rendering solution. Open-source 3D software Blender has built a massive, passionate userbase, and its regular updates and free nature have attracted everyone from complete beginners to large studios. People often ask us if V-Ray for Blender could be a thing, and the answer is yes, it will be! We’re working on it right now.
V-Ray will also receive significant enhancements to ensure compatibility and accessibility across various platforms and tools. We’ve been building to this with the Bridge between V-Ray and Enscape, and USD and MaterialX support, which help our customers work seamlessly across platforms and with studios worldwide.


This leads us nicely to Enscape, our real-time rendering and visualization tool. We’re bringing the V-Ray and Enscape feature sets closer together, ensuring seamless workflows and removing Enscape FOMO syndrome. Think Cloud Collaboration support and integrated access to the 5,000+ assets in the Chaos Cosmos library, so you can shift projects between programs seamlessly and fearlessly.

But we’re also adding something architects will love to Enscape: a real-time building performance module that analyzes your BIM model’s energy efficiency as it’s created and modified.


Have you ever wondered why so many movies now feature sunset or sunrise scenes? It’s all thanks to LED stages, which allow directors, cinematographers, and VFX artists to place actors in front of virtual settings with a fully customizable background — enabling syrupy golden-hour shots at any time of day.

We’ve been working to bring Chaos Vantage’s superlative visuals to this pioneering VFX technique with Vantage for Virtual LED Stage. This integration means that the workflow from 3D model to final shot is utterly seamless, no matter which digital content creation (DCC) package you use. And when you need to check out those epic environments for yourself, you’ll find support for more virtual reality headsets.

Chaos Cosmos

Chaos Cosmos
More AI: Chaos Cosmos, the asset library that is growing in size and becoming a crucial part of the Chaos ecosystem, will receive chat-driven material creation. Specify the material you want, and then art direct it to your project’s exact needs by adding scratches or logos, making it more metallic, or just turning it up to 11.

Chaos Next

Here at Chaos, we’re committed to staying on top of AI’s incredible possibilities while ensuring that users and artists maintain creative control. That’s why we’ve formed Chaos Next, an AI lab that will investigate how we can integrate AI technology into Chaos products in a way that is useful and respectful.

The first fruits of Chaos Next, mentioned in this article, are Enscape’s visualization tool, Chaos Cosmos material creation, and Cylindo’s lifestyle image tool. And the Next team is cooking up a lot more AI-powered amazingness.

Storytelling platform

New from Chaos is an independent product for rapid archviz storytelling. This solution will accept and combine scenes directly from any Enscape or V-Ray integration and enable you to enhance your scene quickly, explore design variations, animate the possibilities, and even orchestrate crowds and traffic.

The storytelling platform will also work across all the products Chaos supports, so you can hit the ground running and never hit a dead end.

Smoother client collaboration and reviews

We aim to revolutionize design collaboration with a platform that allows real-time 3D design reviews and seamless collaboration for teams and clients, regardless of their location, device, or even platform.

By prioritizing accessibility and fostering engagement through photorealistic 3D experiences, we’re redefining how architects, designers, artists, and clients connect and communicate, breaking down barriers and creating a truly unified experience for all.

Phew! We hope you’ll agree that we’ve got lots of fantastic stuff coming up. And remember: this keynote is just the start of the Chaos Unboxed experience. We’ll have more events, both online and in the real world, coming up throughout the year.

More to come from Chaos Unboxed in 2024

To experience the buzz and to hear all of the announcements made at Chaos Unboxed Live, be sure to watch the keynote. 

This keynote is just the start of the Chaos Unboxed experience. We have more events, both online and in the real world, coming up throughout the year, so you can see the latest innovations in action, ask questions, and meet fellow Chaos users.

The first event will take place in Berlin on March 21, followed by Toronto on April 4, and New York on April 17. Plus we have events planned for London, Dubai, and Paris later in the year.

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