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One Day Love

In past articles, we’ve explored the work that goes into VFX from the point of view of the CGI artist – this time though we take a different view of the process, talking with Michael Mizrachi about the director’s point of view when working with lots of CGI, as happened in his recent work on the music video for “One Day Love“.

One Day Love from Michael Mizrachi on Vimeo.

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Fyodor, “Last Survivor” concept art

Fyodor is a freelance CG artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia who uses Corona Renderer to create concept art. We spoke with him about his workflow and techniques, focusing on the steps to create one particular image.

Fyodor, Last Survivor, the final concept art image.
The final concept art image.

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Josu Solano – Using Corona for Concept Art

For concept artists, 3D can be just one step in the process in creating a final illustration. Josu Solano uses Corona to create his artwork, and he shared his creative process with us to show how it can make the world of difference for concept artists like himself.

Josu Solano - Tribal Village 2 Final

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A Dark Jedi and a Renegade Princess by Jeronimo Gomez

Take a trip to the dark side! Even when 3D is just one step along the way, Corona is a powerful addition to your toolset. Jeronimo Gomez tells us how he used Corona’s rendering passes to create the template for his image, and then used photobashing and over-painting to give the final result.

CGPlus_Reimagine Star Wars Contest_Jeronimo Gomez_FINAL

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