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Catching up with Valentinstudio

It’s good to make new friends, but it’s great to meet up with old friends and catch up on what has been going on! Almost exactly two years ago, back in 2017, we had the pleasure of presenting a company profile of Valentinstudio, a 3D agency based in Lyon, France. We caught up with them to hear about what has changed in those 2 years, and see some of their latest projects!

Valentinstudio Ferme Salon A
Read the latest from valentinstudio!

Matteo Rossi – automotive rendering, and a meeting with Horacio Pagani

Matteo Rossi is a freelance 3D artist who uses Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, and specializes in product visualization – with a particular love of automotive rendering. We had a chat with him about his career, choice of tools, and a recent meeting with Horacio Pagani himself.

Matteo Rossi, BMW M4 interior, Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D
One of Matteo’s recent projects, the interior of a BMW M4.

Read about Matteo’s work!

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Recent Spaces and theViewer – animated photorealistic VR

Recent Spaces spoke with us to give a breakdown of how they are adding animation and interactivity to pre-rendered VR thanks to development work they’ve done along with theViewer, to bridge the choice between photorealism and immersion. As part of that, they’ve been taking advantage of Corona Renderer’s compatibility with Phoenix FD too!

Corona Renderer Recent Spaces theConstruct, standard render of Lake ATX Great Room scene
One of the main still CGIs of the scene, with fire, fans and lake to be animated in VR

Read about photoreal VR with animation!
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Hyundai i30n “Turning Petrol Heads” – wearelut

We spoke with John Crawshaw from wearelut about their recent “Turning Petrolheads” project for the Hyundai i30n. This involved creating a 60 second TV ad and two 15 second TV spots, plus a print and billboard campaign (which included lenticular images, that change with angle of view, on the sides of London buses).

Hyundai i30n – Turning petrol heads from wearelut on Vimeo.

All the work featured a mix of CGI blended with real world footage, and we asked John about the challenges they faced.

Read about wearelut’s work on the Hyundai i30n campaigns
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Behind the scenes at animation studio, Stratostorm

Stratostorm was founded in December 2014 and is an independently-owned creative production studio, specializing in Visual Effects, 3D Animation and Compositing, with offices in São Paulo and Los Angeles. We spoke with Founder and Exectutive Producer & Business Development, Helena Hilario, to learn more about Stratostorm and their work.

Esquadrão Anticáries | Molar from StratoStorm.

Read about Stratostorm, and how they use Corona Renderer for their animations!

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Bartosz Domiczek, the making of “Northern Wisps”

Bartosz Domiczek won Ronen Bekerman’s CABINS 3D Challenge with his stunning set of images entitled “Northern Wisps”. We caught up with him to ask what went into the making of these images!

Bartosz Domiczek "Northern Wisps"

Read about the making of Nothern Wisps!

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Evan Alexander – 3D in the Design Process for Live Concerts and Television Events

Evan Alexander is a visualizer for stage shows, concerts and live TV events, and has used Corona Renderer to help create the designs for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in New York, Jesus Christ Superstar Live for NBC, and Sam Smith’s ‘The Thrill of It All” tour, and more.

In this article, he shares background about his career, how his tools and workflow have evolved over the years, and how Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D has become indispensable in his work, where fast-turnaround of changes and accurate lighting are critical.

Evan Alexander, personal work

Read about how Evan uses Corona Renderer for stage and set design!

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JobsDev fair in Prague

As you know, we are currently on the look out for new C++ Developers (see our jobs page for more details!) As part of that ongoing search, we recently attended the JobsDev fair in Prague. As well as sharing details of our open positions, we also made sure the attendees had fun with a “Real or Render” game – you can read more about the fair, and see the images we used in the game in this edition of the blog!

Jobs Dev 2018, Prague

Read about the Jobs Dev fair, and see the Real Or Render results!

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Introducing Corona VR workflow

Good news everyone! Render Legion is working with to provide one-click, integrated solution for distributing virtual reality tours!


2016 is shaping up to be the year of Virtual Reality! It has been around for 15+ years, but only now is it finally looking usable and widely accessible. New mobile VR devices like Samsung Gear VR or Google’s upcoming DayDream will make it easier than ever to deliver a simple and quality VR experience to everyone.

We plan to stay ahead with this popular technology, so we’d like to introduce you to the “Corona VR” project, which is co-developed with the promising young startup


theConstruct Logo
Read more!
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Version 1.0 Sneak Peek: Interactive Rendering

As version 1.0 for 3dsmax is behind the corner, we have decided to post a series of articles showing new functions & features which you can expect.

I have prepared a longer video showing Interactive capabilities of Corona Renderer in combination with our CoronaScatter (old version) which comes for free with the renderer.

The video shows two demo scenes. First one is the all-time favorite demo for GPU renderers – a car lit with HDRi, but I decided to do it with a little spin. The second one is a more realistic scenario which you will encounter in archviz – non-proxied vegetation which uses opacity maps, the multitexture plugin in diffuse, translucency, and bump mapping.
The car scene was kindly provided by  Ludvík Koutný, and the tree model by Juraj Talcik from TD Visual.


Corona Interactive + Scatter


Bonus video: turning it up to 11: Corona Interactive – extreme polycount test (5.5 Trillion polygons)

Corona Interactive Facts

  • Runs on CPU (No special HW needed)
  • Shares over 99.9% of code with standard Corona Renderer (ie. same render engine)
  • Same results as the final frame rendering (What you see is what you get )
  • Same set of features as standard Corona Renderer (geometry, proxies, motion blur, dof…)
  • All 3ds max maps and 3rd party maps are supported
  • Truly interactive (Change materials, lights, geometry while rendering, no need to restart interactive mode)
  • It is bundled for FREE!


Hardware Used in Demo

First video  – intel i7 4930k 3.4Ghz, 32GB RAM
Second video – intel i7 2600k – 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM

Let us know what you think.

Adam & Ondra