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UPBP: Light scattering in arbitrary volumes

Hello Coronauts,

this is Jarda, a new member of the Corona developer team. I’m a university professor and computer graphics researcher, and I’ve decided to use some of my know-how to help propel the development of Corona. Today, I’d like to follow up on Ondra’s post and share with you one of our exciting research results that will be presented at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver.

In this project, we have looked into unbiased rendering of light scattering in arbitrary volumes (or participating media, if you will). And when I write arbitrary, I do mean it. We set to develop an algorithm that can render fog, olive oil, wine, soap, wax, … (just about any volume that can scatter light) using a single unified approach. We call the resulting algorithm Unified points, beams and paths (UPBP) and I believe the results look pretty good:

An image rendered with UPBP.

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