Alpha v7.2


Calm down your horses. This is NOT the final version. This is basically the re-branded version Alpha 7.1 but with one significant difference – it will work after 31.12.2014 till the end of February 2015. Go get it now.

Simply said – It is completely the same as Alpha 7.1, but you can use after New Year for two more months! This version was released due to the version 1.0 delay.

Fact sheet and list of changes of Alpha 7.2 for 3ds max:

  1. Extended period of use – It will work until 28.2.2015
  2. Same feature set as Alpha 7.1
  3. 100% compatibility with Alpha 7.1
  4. You can combine Alpha7.1 with Alpha7.2 in DR/backburner/renderfams without a problem.
  5. Uses our new logo
  6. Nothing else


You can download the new version here:

Adam & Ondra

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