Offtopic: Bercon maps for 3dsmax 2015


Today, I’ve taken a short break from making Corona even more awesome ;). Someone at the forum pointed out, that the great and powerful (and free) Bercon maps are not available for new 3ds max versions. Since the author decided to opensource them, I was able to compile a 3ds max 2015 version.

You can download it here It is of course still free. If you don’t have Corona installed, you might need to download the x64 MSVC 2013 redistributables to make them work. If I have the time, I’ll update them again for the future 3dsmax versions.


12 thoughts on “Offtopic: Bercon maps for 3dsmax 2015

  1. Hello Ondra.
    Plz try recompile bercon for 3dsmax 2014.
    Im download bercon for 2013,start max.And then im open map in slate editor – 3dsmax crash…
    Thx )

  2. I really hope that the installation issue is correct as soon as possible. I thank you in advance for this generous offer. The community 3ds is daily engaged in the research of highly innovative and technological solution…. you have done this. I am really happy for the choice. Thank you.

  3. I can not run the file that you shared it – BerconMaps_2015_64.dlt
    The error code 126 – “Can not find the specified module” – translated from Polish 🙂

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