Corona Renderer 1.1 for 3ds Max – released

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Here comes the version 1.1 for 3ds Max!
We really wanted to release this version much earlier, but other business-related tasks (hiring new people, establishing new offices, first Coronaut baby delivery, …) kept us from it. This version is not a huge update, but it adds some sweet features which we plan to develop even further in next releases.


Quick Facts

  • Corona Render 1.1 is freely available to all customers on FairSaaS (monthly, yearly), Box with Subscription and Educational/Student license.
  • Supports Autodesk 3ds Max versions 2011-2016.
  • Road map for the future development will be published next week.
  • Yes, and it is faster again.

Company News

Our team is now considerably bigger since the last blog post and we will soon start introducing new reinforcements on our blog. We have now 6 people in Prague, two in Prostejov and one in Lodz (Poland). Two more will join us in the next two months. Three people are now working on the core (two of which worked for WETA Digital), so you can expect some nice improvements.

We are also planning to release a roadmap for the future releases next week or week after, so you can see the progress in real time.
Support was also beefed up with one experienced Corona power user, who will soon start rolling out new tutorials and presets. Administration received much needed reinforcements as well, so there is a real chance that our e-mail reaction times will be better 🙂

We are still hiring and we are hungry for experienced developers – light transporters, researchers, plugin developers – willing to work from our Prague office or from home office – full time or part time. If you have what it takes and you are ready to work on something big, please drop us a line or two.


New Features/Improvements


Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Support

3ds Max 2016 is now directly supported in the installer.

Corona Renderer 1.1 installer

Corona Bitmap

Corona Bitmap is a new shader, works similarly to 3ds Max, but faster. The Corona Converter can convert 3ds Max bitmaps in the entire scene with just one click, allowing to easily speed up rendering usually by 10-20%. Below are some examples from our real test scenes.

 Corona Bitmap UI

A4 Benchmark Interior scene – 9% faster

Corona Renderer - 3ds Max Bitmap - interior 2Corona Renderer - Corona Bitmap - interior 2

Interior Scene – 14% faster

Corona Renderer - 3ds Max Bitmap - interiorCorona Renderer - Corona Bitmap - interior

Car Scene – HDRI – 30% faster

Corona Renderer - 3dsMax Bitmap - CarCorona Renderer - Corona Bitmap - Car

BTR scene – 20% faster

Corona Renderer - 3ds Max Bitmap - BTRCorona Renderer - Corona Bitmap - BTR

Tree Scene – 12% fasterCorona Renderer - 3ds Max Bitmap - TreeCorona Renderer - Corona Bitmap - Tree

Particle Flow Re-worked

Corona Renderer now supports instancing, resulting in MUCH faster parsing and lower memory consumption. Particle flow can now be used with Corona as a scatter system, as shown in this landscape image with 17 billion polygons:

Corona Renderer - Particle Flow

The Particle age map and true motion blur now work with any particle flow system, with any material operator (even static).

Corona Renderer 1.0 - Particle Flow
Corona Renderer 1.0 – Particle Flow – parsing time: 16.6s, incorrect motion blur
Corona Renderer 1.1 - Particle Flow
Corona Renderer 1.1 – Particle Flow – parsing time: 0.6s, correct motion blur


Smaller Improvements


  • Better error reporting: non-obtrusive, non-blocking, with option to surpress further messages.
  • Added ability to specify licensing server IP on render nodes
  • Corona dialogs (VFB, licensing, …) are now HiDPI-compatible
  • Glossy reflections are no longer darker on object outlines.
  • Added displacement switch to RayswitchMtl
  • Render passes now correctly output negative values




  • Fixed random parsing crashes when using some specific 3ds Max features in the scene
  • Fixed freezes when using more than 1 interactive window
  • Fixed crashes when X-Ref-ing CoronaLight
  • Fixed crashes when adding/removing render elements during rendering
  • Fixed interactive rendering not starting when using Greeble
  • Fixed bug where Corona randomly saves black images
  • Fixed CoronaSun at 0° angle rendering black




You can download Corona Renderer 1.1 after login in to your customer zone or directly from our download section. When upgrading from 1.0, please make sure you upgrade also the Licensing/DR server as well.


And another “Achievement Cake”:

Corona Renderer Cake 03

Adam, Ondra & Corona Crew

16 thoughts on “Corona Renderer 1.1 for 3ds Max – released

  1. Very anxious to try it out, especially the Corona Bitmap node! Would be cool to have a skin shader and Hairfarm intergration, but hey, great work guys!!!

  2. Corona’s gotten AMAZING…that cake looks totally real. Right down to the goo on the paper. Wow.


  3. thanks for the new update
    the new bitmap shader is great but when i use that my material editor heavy.

  4. Hi nice update. It would be great to have bitmap preview and crop preview in corona bitmap (like it was in standard max bitmap)…

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