Corona for C4D Alpha 6 RC2 released!

Corona for C4D Alpha 6 RC2 released

We’ve been hard at work, listening to the feedback on Alpha Release Candidate 1, and are pleased to announce that RC2 is ready for you to test!

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The Release Candidates for Alpha 6 are all about stability, and finding and resolving bugs and crashes, with the aim of getting it stable before we call Alpha 6 final and move on to Alpha 7 (which will focus on Interactive Rendering and Team Render).

Changes since RC 1

  • Fixed Bloom and Glare
  • Fixed LUT – both installation and missing UI in Render settings
  • Fixed LightMix support for Sun and Sky
  • Fixed Projector shader
  • Fixed bug in compositing of Sky objects (combining multiple Sky objects with compositing tag)
  • Minor fixes in installer and materials
  • Minor UI Changes

Please test RC2, and let us know any bugs, problems and issues with the features in there – you’ll find the links to the bug reporting page and the forums at the end of this blog post.


A quick note on Interactive Rendering

Some people were asking about Interactive Rendering in A6. The choice for that was removed from the rendering options, but there’s still a dropdown that says Start IR in the Corona VFB – this dropdown option actually runs a regular render, since IR is disabled in A6 (so, if you try it, then changing anything in the scene won’t change what is being rendered).

Interactive Rendering is disabled by design in A6
Start IR in A6 will just run a normal render

This is by design, as until we focus on its stability in A7 there would inevitably be crashes using IR at the moment. We didn’t want people having the frustration of repeat crashes, so simply turned it off for now.



Our forums:

Mantis bug reporting tool:


28 thoughts on “Corona for C4D Alpha 6 RC2 released!

  1. is it necessary to delete the previous R1 version before installing this R2 in C4D or will it overwrite and update automatically?

  2. I have installed RC2 with r18 latest version on OS X 10.11.2.

    I get a crash every time I try to create a Corona material. All other operations seem ok.

    Anything I can do?

    1. i have the same with el capitan on my workstation

      at home on my mac book pro i have the latest sierra installed, there everything works fine…

    2. Same here, el crap 10.11.6. Crashed every time I tried to create corona material or when trying to render without materials. Pretty much useless now.

  3. Hello everybody,
    first of all I want to say Thank you to the programmers.
    Excellent software and I will buy it right after the regular
    version for cinema is comming out.

    I have a problem, loading the textures in the material editor
    takes to much time, sometimes 2 min. or more. Of course the
    textures are big size, but i have 128 GB Ram, Nvidia K5000, 4
    GB Ram and 32 cores.

    Does anyone has an Idea what the problem could be?

    would be very helpful


  4. Hi Mathias,

    not experiencing the same here, textures just load file, it’s probably an OS issue or you could report to Corona via their bug tracker.


  5. I said with a keen use of the new version, but very bad. It’s crashing all the time.
    You are getting into it with every new version.
    Normal map still does not work correctly.
    What are you after?

  6. I have tested Corona RC2 on two Mac computers and it doesn’t work at all. It crashes while using the interactive renderer. And it always crashes (without fail) when I try to create a new Corona material from the Corona material manager tab.

  7. Corona for C4D is amazing. Very beautiful GI superior to most of the Render-Engines available for C4D! And the simplicity is outstanding! I already made some amazing renders:-)
    Thank you developers!!!

    Here are some issues or things that i was missing during my work with corona:
    -Option for myst or fog (maybe there is a option but don’t find that yet).
    -Volumetric lights (maybe there is a option but don’t find that yet).
    -Batch render with C4D-Render Queue don’t works for me. It never finish and it never goes to the next render-job.

    1. I was wrong about the issue of the Render Queue.
      Render Queue with corona works just fine. Sorry!
      Was rendering in very high resolution with denoising. The process of denoising took a additional 20 Minutes in that high resolution….

    1. Hi, we share all our blog posts on our Facebook page, so currently you can simply follow us on FB to get all the announcements. We are also looking for a solution to enable voluntary subscription to our newsletter – so you can expect that soon. 🙂

  8. Hi, do you mean when visiting our blog, or in general? We have not received any similar reports yet.

  9. Hi ,
    I’m on mac pro (Sierra) and C4D R18.
    The HDRI with Light material on sky don’t work
    Corona VFB calculate without end ….
    Can you help me

  10. Hello,

    i was using corona for c4d for a while yet and i’m still a big fan! I must say it really became my favorite renderengine for stills!:-)

    I have one thing that i didn’t discover how to do yet;
    Is it possible and if yes how it’s possible to render with more than 1 computer on the same frame? Any manual or tutorial out there?

    I would be grateful for any answer!

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