Corona for Cinema 4D November Spotlight

Corona for C4D user spotlight

Nothing says more about what Corona for Cinema 4D can do than the wonderful imagery created by its users! That’s why in today’s blogpost, we are simply going to let the imagery speak for itself, with a collection of just some of the renders that were shared in November.

Read on to view the images!

Francesco Sadocco
Student work, inspiration from:

Francesco Sadocco, Lithuanian Hunting House, Devyni architektai
Lithuanian Hunting House, Devyni architektai


Dario Veruari

Dario Veruari, Struggle1
Struggle 1


Bengamin Jerrems

Bengamin Jerrems, Chronos vamera exploded view
Chronos camera, exploded view
Bengamin Jerrems, Leica lens cutaway
Leica lens cutaway, personal project


GianMarco Pollaci

GianMarco Pollaci, Sauna Quebec
Sauna Quebec


Michele Panichi

Michele Panichi, Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom


Oliver Wende

Oliver Wende, apartment reworked, bluecherstrasse, berlin
Apartment reworked, bluecherstrasse Berlin, realized for “inspiration group” real estate
Apartment reworked, bluecherstrasse Berlin, “before” photo and plan


Rui Quaresma (underConstruction)
Team Project: b229 projetos . João Figueiroa, arq.

Rui Quaresma, Largo S. Domingos_Oporto
Largo S. Domingos_Oporto_Portuga
Rui Quaresma, Rua Chã_Oporto_Portugal
Rua Chã_Oporto_Portugal


Corona, C4D and Substance Source

And to round out this blog post, we have this excellent look at how Benoît Campo and Guillaume Meyer used Corona for Cinema 4D along with Allegorithmic’s Substance Source’s Architecture Collection  to rapidly create some beautiful interiors:

Corona, C4D and Substance Source

That’s it for this blog post, we hope you enjoyed the images as much as we did. Watch for news about Alpha 6 final release coming soon!

Thank you!

Aleš, Nik, Tom, Jarda and the Corona Crew

5 thoughts on “Corona for Cinema 4D November Spotlight

  1. Hello there,

    I downloaded the latest version of Corona for c4d. Installing was successful, but now Cinema4d crashes when it starts up. I am working on a mac osx 10.9 C4D 18 prime.

    What could have gone wrong?

    Bj Engbers

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