JobsDev fair in Prague

As you know, we are currently on the look out for new C++ Developers (see our jobs page for more details!) As part of that ongoing search, we recently attended the JobsDev fair in Prague. As well as sharing details of our open positions, we also made sure the attendees had fun with a “Real or Render” game – you can read more about the fair, and see the images we used in the game in this edition of the blog!

Jobs Dev 2018, Prague

Read about the Jobs Dev fair, and see the Real Or Render results!

The Fair

It was great being at the Jobs Dev 2018 fair and getting to meet you all!

Corona Renderer at Jobs Dev 2018
Who can resist working alongside these two!

If you weren’t able to attend the fair and are interested in applying for our open C++ Developer or Senior C++ Developer positions, head on over to our jobs page!


Real or Render

The winner of the game was Jakub Stol, congratulations Jakub! No-one got the maximum of 20 points, but he came close with 18 correct.

Below are the complete set of renders and photos that we used in the game. Would you have got it right in telling which is real, and which was a render? Our thanks to the artists who gave us permission to include their work!

(For those who submitted work for us to use that is not shown here, we have future versions of the game planned and your work may be used then – we’ll keep you updated, and our thanks for sending in your work to us!)



Peter Guthrie

Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie


Peter Guthrie
Only 28% realized this was a photo!


Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie Peter Guthrie



Robert Bodis

Robert Bodis
Almost 30% were tricked into thinking this was a render


Sergiu Zboras from Walk The Room

Lucky Fox
Photo for photogrammetry – the artificial set up meant that only 15% thought this was a photo!


Sergey Poltavskiy

Sergey Poltavskiy
85% thought that this was a render 🙂




(Of course, the credits in the images were not shown during the game!)

Firefighter drone by Dmitriy Rabochiy
Maybe a sign of the times, with robots becoming more common – almost 40% thought this was a photo


Forester Corona 01 by Motion blaster graphics

Forester Corona 02 by Motion blaster graphics
The two images from Motion Blaster Graphics fooled more than half the people into thinking they were real.


Garden by Jakub Cech


Nature by Dmitry Leonovich
84% of players thought this was a real photo.


On The Way Home by Ludvik Koutny

Paris Apartment 2 - Slashcube by Slashcube GmbH

Piano by Ahmed Kammoun

Porsche Cayman GT4 by Onur Dursun 02

Renovation Project In Paris 06 by VisEngine Digital Solutions

Slashcube GmbH - ETH Kletterhalle

Soapy 05 by Peter Ang

Swiss Delights 05 by Philip Moreton

The Escalators 05 - Max Kagirov

Advertisment Project 01 by Daniel Khakshiri

Advertisment Project 03 by Daniel Khakshiri
About half the players thought these two renders were photos.


Ambience e2 by James Dowling

Apoco77 by Jesus Selvera 17

Atmos III 06 by James Dowling

Blue Hour Penthouse 02 by Nicolai Becker

BMW4 by Ludvik Koutny And ProgressiveFX

Brooklyn NYC Loft by Yarko Kushta 07

Cookies and Chocolate Chips by Nikhil Phadke

Thanks to those who attended, those who played the game, those who gave permission for their photos and renders to be used – and with luck we’ll be welcoming some new employees to our offices soon!


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