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Know Your Devs – Jaroslav Křivánek

With Corona Renderer, you don’t just get the software, you also get the team behind it. Using the software will teach you about that, but how do you get to know about the team?

That’s the idea behind our “Know Your Devs” series of articles, where we invite users to post their questions for a particular developer, and this time it’s co-developer of  Corona in the early days and current Research Lead….. Jaroslav Křivánek!

Read Jaroslav’s answers!
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JobsDev fair in Prague

As you know, we are currently on the look out for new C++ Developers (see our jobs page for more details!) As part of that ongoing search, we recently attended the JobsDev fair in Prague. As well as sharing details of our open positions, we also made sure the attendees had fun with a “Real or Render” game – you can read more about the fair, and see the images we used in the game in this edition of the blog!

Jobs Dev 2018, Prague

Read about the Jobs Dev fair, and see the Real Or Render results!

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