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Lufthansa A320 Corona renders by Marcin Gruszczyk


Deutsche Lufthansa AG / Jens Goerlich / mo cgi - Lufthansa A320 Corona render

Good news for all the aviation fans out there: this time we present you one of the most popular airliners in the industry – the Lufthansa A320. You can admire aircraft in all its glory – with a little help of Corona! Marcin Gruszczyk tells us about his experiences during the work on this project.


“The first time I tested Corona I immediately realized that it was the best definition of what I’d consider to be a next-gen renderer: based on path-tracing, fully able to use the system’s RAM, well integrated into 3ds Max and supporting 3rd party plugin maps, featuring a simple yet very powerful material and shading system, and being faster at it than any other engine I’ve worked with.

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