The New Website is Alive!

With the release date of commercial Corona version approaching, one thing was absolutely obvious: the need for a new website.  We have been preparing the website for quite some time now. Sorry for letting you wait for so long, but we hope that it was worth it! 

Our Websites – homepage

status: still growing – wip
The state of the website which you see today is not the final one and we plan to further extend it in the future. Our intention is to create a Corona portal, rather than simple “sale presentation”. Some of the sections have not been revealed yet – that will come during and after our official sales launch. I will just say, that we want to significantly improve the Resources section with free materials, tutorials etc… I do not want to go into great detail here, but our aim is to get you all the necessary information and data in one place.
So take this as a starting point and let’s see how quickly we can progress from here.

Corona Renderer Helpdesk

status: public testing
You can find our new and shiny “support portal” on the following address We have been gathering info there the whole December and January. Special thanks go to Marcin, aslo known as Maru on our forum, who is in charge of the support. You are welcome to take a look, report errors and mistakes, and suggest additional questions.

Corona Renderer Wiki

status: outdated, expect transformation
Some of you are familiar with Corona Wiki page – our “support” page prior to introducing Corona Renderer Helpdesk. We have decided to turn it into developer help website/online documentation. We will start with this task after finishing and polishing our helpdesk site.

Did You Spot a Mistake?

Then please report it on our forum or send us an email. You can report mistakes not only from our new website, but also from our support web.

Development Map

Soon we will also introduce a development map where we will show you what we are actually working on and what is the progress. So you will see the estimate date or build in which your desired functions will be implemented. It should be published shortly after Corona 1.0 launch.

And Sales Will Start…

We do not have an exact date yet. I can only say, that our intention is doing it as soon as possible. Only some more bug fixing and cleaning UI remains – the features are all ready.
Our testers will soon get access to release candidates and then the final rigorous testing will start. From that point on it is really dependent on the severity of the bugs that will arise and the time needed for fixing them.

What Are We Working on Right Now?

Apart from preparing the first Release Candidates for our testers, we are also setting up a new dev office in Prague and slowly preparing to close the old Brno office. We have many ideas and plans for this year, some of which we already started testing. We will be sharing them with you once they are ready to see the light of the world.

Thank You

We would like to thank all our users, artists, friends, business partners, and families who had faith in us in past year and contributed to the growth of Corona Renderer.

Let’s make this year a year of Corona Renderer! 


6 thoughts on “The New Website is Alive!

  1. awesome website 🙂 …….Really like it
    just one thing plz make tutorials section so anyone can learn corona fast !
    i know corona is very easy & there are some help about setup but having tutorials its very informative & fun to begin.

  2. Ever since i started using corona, ever other renders seems unnecessarily complicated. Never been so excited about a renderer. Great job team.

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