Corona 1.4 Release Candidate and Betatesting Giveaway

Corona 1.4 RC2

The long awaited release of Corona version 1.4 is getting closer! We’ve had a release candidate out for a few days, and we are just hunting the last remaining bugs. Once again, we need your help with that!

Just like for version 1.3, we are doing a little giveaway – we will reward the best three bug reports with a free 1 year Corona FairSaaS license (1WS + 3 NODES). All other meaningful bug reports will be rewarded with a 50% discount on a 1 year FairSaaS license.

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How it Works

  1. Download the latest release candidate build here. It can be used with any FairSaaS, Box+Subscription, Student, or demo license.
  2. Backup your work to be 100% safe
  3. Test the build with any of your previous scenes, current work, or just with for-fun experiments
  4. If you find any previously unknown bug, report it here:
  5. After 1.4 is released, we will announce the winners and contact them

Terms and Conditions

  • Only meaningful reports will be rewarded. This means only reports of non-trivial, fixable, previously unknown defects caused by the Corona Renderer are eligible. The report must provide enough info to help us with tracking the problem (the bare minimum is usually a good description of the problem, when it happens, and a scene or minidump – see our guide on bug reporting).
  • Only bug reports for RC builds before the official release of version 1.4 will be rewarded.
  • We reserve the right to unilaterally determine which bug reports are meaningful and which are not.
  • We reserve the right to give away less than 3 free licenses, if not enough eligible bugs are reported.
  • The free license can also extend an existing license or be exchanged for another reward, but only after mutual agreement between the winner and us.

5 thoughts on “Corona 1.4 Release Candidate and Betatesting Giveaway

  1. I can not sign in for comments on errors. Version 1.4 RS5
    Not saved scene VFB. You press on save and nothing happens.

    1. Hi, if you own a SaaS or Box with subscription licenses, you can upgrade to Corona 1.4 for free.

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