Corona C4D A1.1 hotfix + free sample scene

Corona for C4D render by Thomas Vournazos


We have just released a hotfix for our Cinema4D build. It corrects some issues reported after the recently release Alpha v1, that slipped through our internal/closed beta testing.

Updated Nov 22nd 2017 – this is an old article of course, so for those of you looking to download Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, here is some updated information, replacing the old and out-of-date links:

You can download the latest official builds, for Windows and macOS, from our download page. If you are looking for the latest possible release, that will most likely be our daily builds – simply sign up for our forums and visit the daily builds section for the latest changelogs and download information!

And now, back to the original article – of course, there are many more changes to Corona for Cinema 4D since this was published!

End Update

Major changes

  • Fixed slowdown when using multiple CPU cores and some specific shaders
  • Fixed incorrect DOF distance parsing
  • Added missing opacity channel to Corona Material
  • Fixed layer shaders in R14
  • Fixed incorrect gamma in material editor previews
  • Fixed visibility property of objects (Display tag)
  • Added icons to Corona menus, better plugin load diagnostics, and other small UI changes

Cinema4D sample scene

This is not all we have for you today. After the release of Alpha v1, we got many requests asking for a sample scene. And now we are pleased to announce, that Thomas Vournazos agreed to share one of his scenes he made during testing. Here is the download link:

Corona for C4D sample scene by Thomas Vournazos
Corona for C4D sample scene by Thomas Vournazos

52 thoughts on “Corona C4D A1.1 hotfix + free sample scene

  1. Awesome work! Thank you very much guys for your hard work! Thank you Thomas for the scene, it’s a beast!! Now we just need a Mac version as well :))

  2. Absolutely great job!

    Can’t wait Object ID’s – so I could use this alpha/beta for commercial works 🙂

    I will absolutely buy this software when it has been finished

    I wish that final version will support all multi-passes hair, fur and deformation motion blur (also with hair deformation, softbody, cloth and if possible: realflow mesher) – But I am already very VERY happy for the first alpha version! 🙂

    And maybe far in the future – support for Turbulence FD would be nice =)

    1. There is still long way to go. But we will get there little by little.
      Once we will get some funds we will re-invest it back to the company and good developers who will help us with C4D and other versions as well

  3. Well now I am extremely happy, the DOF and Opacity fix THANKS!

    When I used trans maps I did a trick using the refract layer, works very well. but
    now its just easier!

    Also is there a possibility there would be subsurface scattering, since I work with
    people and translucent can only do so much, since light does just go through it.

    1. SSS will be in Corona for 3ds max commercial version 1.0 which will be released in November. As cores are the same for max and for cinema, there will be SSS in C4D version as well.

  4. great update ! thank you corona-team 🙂
    and thank you Thomas for the scene!
    multipassystem would be awesome for the first final release. and a objekt-based compositing-tag for include/exclude operations like reflection/refraction, vertex-deformation motion blur, and an independent distributed-rendering-system ( to avoid using teamrender) for stills and animations.

  5. Great work,

    I would love to see the engine become as powerfull like the max version.
    It´s always like..”oh, the max version is better” (Vray, etc.).

    There are many C4D Users out there.
    I think it would stick to coronas main “easy to use” policy,
    as C4D is also very easy to use.
    If Corona keeps developing this great, I will stay with c4d.

    Here some of my request 🙂 for future / final releases:
    1. Full (?) Multipass support (+one MAX-Like Wire-color channel? For fast rough post-selection).
    2. Full C4D Light support (IES isn`t working well for now).
    3. At least one additional layer for Reflection and Diffus.
    (That´s important to blend two fabric maps to get a fuzzy look with fresnel blending)
    4. Reducing the bump value amount. Right now 0,001 is very strong.

    ..some ideas.
    I think you guys do a very great job and i was happy to read that you are thinking about making c4d your main platform…..:)

    So thank you very much!


    1. Thanks Nico, for suggestions. Noted.
      Max version will be always a little bit advanced, as we work on this fulltime and it was our main original dev platform. However cores used in max version and all the other versions will be always the same.
      Once we will get some funds from sales of max version, we will push c4d version as well. At this point Ondra is working on core and 3dsmax version, Ales is part time working on C4D.
      We will get there little by little. It took us a while to integrate what corona can do to max (Seven Alphas), so you really cannot expect C4D version to do the same in much shorter time. But we will do our best

    2. I love Corona Renderer Because It faster than Vray and Easy realistic without Lots of Twicking

  6. Well, that shows. So many are asking for a Mac version. Hmm, should have bought a real computer. 😛
    Nah, respect. Great job and get to work on the Mac version – ASAP!

  7. First of All Thanks Ondra for this fix,I still can’t believe Corona is avalaible for cinema 4d since yesterday’s fix I’ve been playing with corona on a new project i’m working on and will be sharing the result of my test on the forum.I’d like to say this I wish I met corona sooner,I always had a great thing with vray but with the bugs and the time it takes to set everything up it didn’t make it on the list of my favorite render engines.Congrats Guys Corona is another story I really want this version to be as better as the 3ds max version,because like 3ds max cinema 4d has its strengths motion graphics but also architecture,I definitely see corona being used for commercials with mograph and expresso this would bring a lot of users in the coronaut team..Thank you guys and I can’t wait for the next releases…

  8. I’ve gone from 3Ds Max to Cinema 4D and I am very grateful for this render engine that is spectacular, it was all that was missing from Cinema 4D !!
    Thank you !!

  9. Hi Guys,

    Just came back from Venice AD#5 and went through the comments here after the release. I would like to thank the Corona-Team for making all this amazing effort with the software and C4D. I hope everyone can have a first look with Corona and the scene i put out and have fun, like im having.

    Probably the next days i will be making an Hdri making of of the release scene ( it was rendered also with Hdri as you see). Overall , it is quite easy and simple and also quite fun.

    Hope to see you all in the forum.



    1. Well as i wrote before, the scene i decided to make it only with Corona Sun-Sky so that it has the basics.
      This one i made with a simple Hdri. So, yes i will show the hdri i used and the exposure settings i used to make it. So using the same one you will be able to make the same result. Apart from that, i will show some minor PS workflow that also help me bring the final image where i want.
      But overall, it is just a matter of exposure camera settings along with some Corona exposure settings.

  10. Hi there,

    after seeing the presentation of Juraj and Adam at the AD#5 I had to check it out 😉
    This is really some amazing piece of software. So easy to set up and fast!

    Thank you Thomas for sharing your scene. It’s super helpful.

    Of course multipass and DR would be helpful, but I already like the software a lot.
    Thanks Corona-Team for taking the c4d challange 😉

    1. Hi Grischa,

      You’re welcome!! There should be also a small making of for the actual release image. So you can have a good idea how to use the Hdri easily. Probably it should be on the blog the next days.

  11. Realy awesome work! Thank you very much guys. It would be good if there was an option to change (convert) the materials from c4d to corona materials as it has in vray but all in all great job and just keep it up 🙂

  12. I am cheering for OSX C4D version. I am going freelance, I have a mac at home so need to leave 3dsmax to other studios. Bring on the C4D and Corona combo burger in a tasty OSX bun.

  13. Hey guys, just a question, how much time did this take to render?
    I’ve been trying Corona alpha1.2, and all my images are VERY noisy.

  14. I already posted months ago on one of the comments here, but it seems very quiet about the Mac OSX version. I am still (un)patiently waiting for that release. Any news guys about this ?

    We need it, we need it, we need it.

    I would even support if you were doing crowdfunding to get this up and running 🙂

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