Corona Alpha1 for Cinema4D is out!

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Cinema 4D here we go!

First public build of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is here and we would like to give a warm welcome to new Cinema Coronauts.

If you cannot wait any longer, the latest official releases can be found on our download page,  but I would still recommend you to read this article carefully anyway, so you will know everything about this build, installation, features and limitations.


  •  It is FREE for commercial use until 31. 12. 2014
  • Supports Cinema 4D R14, R15 & R16
  • No limitations, no watermarks
  • CPU based
  • Offers Biased and Unbiased Rendering
  • By default very slightly biased
  • Cinema rendering core is exactly same as 3ds Max Core – A7.1!
  • Needs activation (done automatically over internet)
  • ADD + NBP – Artist Driven Development & No Bullshit Policy



As you might already know, this is the first public alpha build of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, so it will not be perfect yet. But with your help we can make it happen.

Artist Driven Development

Cinema 4D version of Corona Renderer also sports Artist Driven Development, so you – users – can give us your honest opinion, suggestions and much desired feedback and together, we can make Corona the best rendering solution available for Cinema 4D. Just let us know and we can start discussion.

Forum & Bug Reporting

You can express yourselves on our forum. But the best place specifically for reporting bugs is in our Mantis Bug Tracker – just create an account and you are ready to go.

Difference between Cinema 4D and 3ds Max version

As development of Cinema version is still fresh thing, we unfortunately cannot give you build  with exactly the same features as in 3dsmax at the moment, but we will work on this more in Q4 2014. One important thing to note is that the Corona rendering core is exactly the same as in 3dsmax and up to date – A7.1. But the matter of fact is, that Autodesk 3ds Max integration will be always a bit ahead as we consider it our main development platform.

User interface of Corona Renderer is very similar to 3ds Max version, so if you have been using 3ds Max version for a while, transition should be smooth.




Corona Renderer is added to available renders in Cinema 4D renderer list.
On default settings it set to progressive renderer with option of choosing bucket or VCM.

GI solvers available are Path Tracing or None for primary and Path Tracing, HD cache or None for secondary solver, same as in 3ds max version.

CoronaC4d Settings
Corona for Cinema 4D Render Settings


CoronaC4d Plugin Menu
CoronaC4d Plugins Menu


“Classic” camera in Cinema is fully supported, but users can add Corona Camera tag which support DOF and bokeh effects as well.

Corona C4D camera
Corona C4D camera

 Corona Material

  • Full interactive material preview in material editor
  • Basic material preview in viewports
  • Diffuse, translucency, reflection, refraction, bump mapping, displacement and emission material properties are available
  • Mix modes, extended support of 2D shaders, preview object …
  • Cinema 4D material has got only basic support at the moment
Corona C4D material
Corona C4D material
Corona C4D material 2
Corona C4D material emission

 Sky & Environment

  • Corona Sky has been implemented which brings two options.
  • Physically correct Corona Sun with include/exclude objects option
  • Cinema 4D Sky textures are supported
  • HDRI textures are supported as well
Corona C4D hosek_wilkie sky
Corona Sky – Hosek-Wilkie model
Corona C4D sun
Corona Sun


  • Corona Lights – basic area lights, sphere, cylinder, cube
  • Include / Exclude list for Corona Lights
  • Viewport preview of Corona Lights
  • Experimental support for native C4D lights
Corona C4D Lights
Corona C4D Lights settings

Other Features

  • Full object instancing




Installation is pretty simple, we have prepared an installer which will take you easily through the process of installation step by step. Activation does not require any kind of personal information and it is automatic in most cases, you only need access to the internet.

If you are one of the unlucky ones sitting behind firewall and automatic activation fails, installer will redirect you to activation page, where you will fill in your request code and get activation code in exchange. That’s it.

Should there be some other problems, you can check the Installation and Installation Issues FAQ, and as a backup, the 3dsmax installation guide (some solutions are identical).


Our mantra is keep it simple, so all Corona versions should use similar naming, UI logic and so on.
So any kind of help files you can find on 3ds Max version should be applicable on Cinema 4D version as well. At the moment you can find some useful help on our our Corona for Cinema 4D helpdesk, on our  C4D wiki page,  you can also use our online 3ds Max help tool or you can download something like “manual” in PDF. But the most important source of information is still our forum.


Everything clear? In that case, here is the download link again:

Corona Renderer Alpha1 for Cinema 4D download



Big thanks goes to the main programmer of Cinema 4D plugin – Ales Krivak and all our alpha testers.  Thank you for good work.



111 thoughts on “Corona Alpha1 for Cinema4D is out!

  1. Wow thanks for the alpha release. Actually way more features than I thought there would be. Wasn’t expecting any c4d shader support or instances. Is there a list of limitations vs the Max version? Thanks.

    Typically im snowed under with work at the moment but I bet I find time to have a play!

  2. Just a quick question – Is there any special way to use HDR image for the environment? What if I want to use only HDR for my lightning like in 3dsmax version, do I simply create environment model and apply corona shader with emissive ticked and env. map attached?

    Or is there some other way with corona sky/sun?

    1. MacOS version is not supported yet. To be honest, we did not expect that so many users of Cinema will demand Mac version as well. So in the future releases there will be MacOS, but for now, as we are only in really early Alphas, I would keep it WIN only.

    1. I am not sure if there are some sample scenes at the moment, but I will let our alpha testers know, if they can prepare something very simple. I have added something like PDF manual in the article, where you have description of the functions. Maybe that will help you for now

  3. With quick test I can say that this render engine looks very promising… It is really fast and the quality is super!

    I have tried to search alternative for Vray for a long time (because of new license terms with the render nodes and the lack of updates and the slow development speed for C4D) Now I have this feeling that this will be it. I hope Corona will support all C4D features in future (I can wait long time as I did with vray).

    Most wanted feature (for Corona C4D) at the moment in my wishlist is the Deformation Motion Blur support (also with Realflow mesher inside C4D just like Vray do, but the vray’s motion blur has lots of bugs at the moment).

    For Corona core I hope that it will handle large scenes (particles and instances and lots of polygons) with low memory use and at least with the speed of Arnold and Vray.

    1. Noted. We have done some substantial changes in corona core recently, so it will handle large scenes much better with next release. But memory optimization is step which we have to work in the future a bit more.

    1. To be honest, we didn’t have them, but now we are amazed how many mac users of cinema are there, so in the future there will be mac version. Also at this stage we are really in early alpha stage, and there will be lots of problems and bugs to fix, so maybe it is good, that we have it right now only on win platform.

  4. нужно ли удалять прежнюю версию короны перед тем как устанавливать(обновлять)более новую?

  5. If corona for C4d will be as good as the 3ds max one, it will steal at least 50% of vray user, i’m pretty sure. And i’m the first to say goodbye to that bugged plugin. Hope that c4d team will not get lazy as the vrayforc4d one.

    1. Maybe in the future releases we will catch up Max plugin. This is really just early Alpha which will have some bugs and missing functions. It is for brave ones only at the moment 🙂 But that time when it will be a top dog for c4d will come and it will not take that long. Give us 12 months maximum

    2. C4D user here, Def getting Carona so as I find out if it has to same camera capabilities : box, spherical…

    1. Not yet, but I will ask our alpha testers, if they can prepare some sample scene. I have also added link to “PDF manual” with descriptions of the UI. So I hope that it will help you at the moment. Link is in the article

  6. Congrats to the release!

    Regarding Macs, expect a lot of requests, Mac users can be like half of the C4D user base.

    Some sample scenes would be extremely helpful as you can easily learn from the settings. It does not have to be anything fancy.

  7. I’m very happy to read about this,
    But disappointed OSX is not supported.

    I guess most of the C4D users are Mac based, because they Can’t use MAX , So C4D is their best alternative. To be honest , it’s even more intuitive than MAX. I guess who has a PC works with MAX, simple …
    It was predictable that the demand coming from Mac users’ side would be huge!

    Anyway , i’m getting impatient to get gripse of the Mac version. I’m sure this engine is a must have with awesome results.

    Big thanks already for the development towards C4D !!!! 🙂

  8. This is awesome news. I just thought corona was gpu based render engine. Info states that it is CPU based? Is the GPU version going to be released in the near future or…

    Again thanks!

    1. Hello Doni,
      yes Corona is CPU based. We do not plan to introduce any GPU version of Corona. We did our extended research on this “GPU topic” and we’ve found limitations and obstacles on GPU approach. And because we do not want to have a software which is limited by GPU’s specifics, we decided to develop only CPU version. In our eyes CPU is better overall solution for full featured rendering.

  9. excellent! love the renderer, will post some examples.

    bug : when turning off corona sun in object list (red/green dots) it doesnt disable itself.
    request : material converter.


  10. Was already so excited to try this thing…just realized it’s WIN only. Damn. C4D is big among us OSX users, so please give us some love! We need an useful alternative to the unbearable slow developing Vray for C4D.
    Keep it up & cheers!

  11. I’d be interested to see a Mac OS X version as well. C4D has a huge userbase in the Mac world – amazed you didn’t know. Anyway, now you do! Look forward to seeing what it can do. Then I need to choose between Standard, Physical, Renderman, Arnold, Octane, Indigo, Maxwell, V-ray…

  12. If you guys make a decent version of Cororna for Cinema4D, I promise you’ll get a huge amount of users who just want to throw their money in your direction. Just because sooo many of VrayforC4D users are tired of the development. I mean okay, the latest version is really good and stable, but as I bought VrayforC4D, things were looking promising to get Vray RT in a couple of months. This was about 3 years ago!!! We’re still waiting… and they are promising… I actually can’t read “near future” anymore.

      1. I, can´t post where you tell me, but here write to you.
        AMD A-6 3620 APU whit Radeon graphics 2.20 ghz
        error launches when i try to install and show you the minimal requeriments for run.
        it says SSE4.1-enabled CPU (NO)

        1. Hey Marcus,
          It looks like that your AMD does not support SSE4.1. Your AMD processor supports amd SSE2, SSE, SSE3, MMX and sadly SSE4a – which should be AMD’s own version of SSE4, but reality is, it is just similar.
          Corona needs proper SSE4.1. So even when it says NO, corona still can be installed and it will still work, but probably about 20percent slower. It will run in “legacy mode”.
          Most of new AMD’s should have proper SSE 4.1, but this one does not.

          1. thanks a lot Adam. I try to install despite that message but it doesn´t work, it is so sad, but there are the specs of these proccesors. anyway
            I can test it on another PC, so would be in their hands make runs despite of these specs? just an a comment. have a nice day and thanks for the time!!

  13. Hi,

    its nice to have this very good renderer inside cinema 4d. Like other render-engines devs support also C4D R13, do you consider to support this version, too ?

    Would be great, because user base of this version is relative big. Its one of the stablest releases, with less bugs in comparison with the R14 // R15 .

    3d indi guy

  14. A great surprise and a big thank you for your work.
    Already tested alpha versions for 3ds Max my first mind goes to distribuited rendering.
    Do you plan to develope? It’s very important tool.
    Thanks again.

    1. Yes. In max version there is simple DR and it is working. Also there is support of Corona Renderer in Deadline. Corona Renderer runs rock solid on backburner (if you want DR style, then use stripes and PT+PT – I never had problem with it)

  15. Any possibility to download an unpacked version?, XP wont run the alpha unpacker. (some old pros still use xp64.., will downgrade next year I promise 😉

  16. Hi Adam, could you give us a legacy version? because i can’t install it since i don’t have sse 4.1 function in my cpu. Thanks

    1. Hey Emilio,
      I spoke to the guys, installer for 1.0 version didn’t have legacy build insider. We are preparing update version 1.1. I will let guys know that there is demand for legacy on as well, but I do not want to promise you anything yet. If it will not be included in 1.1 it probably will be included in 2.0 later this year.

  17. Just purchased C4D R16 today and was about to purchase vray and found out about Carona. My question is, can Carona really compete with vray in other aspects than render quality, speed and of course price? Is it capable of rendering out equtriangular, box, spherical images like vray?

  18. Hello, I am very concerned about how to use HDRI lighting in the interior? I tried putting the corona material with HDRI texture in channel “emission” and nothing happened, please tell me how to use HDRI? Advance very grateful!

  19. In my opinion it is a big mistake not to deal with the MAC community. For example I work a lot for one of the biggest TV-Stations called RTL in Germany. They use Cinema 4D on MACs only and have alone around 100 MAC-Pro Stations running in the graphics department….

  20. Hi there.
    I’m totaly mac user and I’m sooo waiting OSX build!
    Could you tell us please when it arrive? Not “soon” but approximately date?!

  21. osx users, tried running corona on boot camp windows? Even if it’s just to render until osx gets a release. Anyone tried?

  22. Sorry for my english. C4D + Corona render, the solution is to use the full mac ! We are tired of windows virtualized . Launch it and be the delirium of mac users !!!! A victory for C4D , maybe in the app store 😉

    1. Hi Martin, project is not dead. We are still developing the plugin and in a fact we have two more developers on this project now. We still call the the latest versions Alpha, despite the fact it could be called beta already. 3ds max versions were also alphas and then we have released the commercial version. I think that C4D plugin will have the same fate and naming conventions. You can download the lastest version from here

    1. Hi! Not sure what you are asking – the Alpha of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D came out in 2014, and since then there have been betas, release candidates, and the final release of the full version in January this year, then the release of the next final version just a few weeks ago. The project is not “over” in that we are continuing to develop new versions, work is underway now on Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D, but the Alpha stage is indeed long finished 🙂

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