Corona Scatter innovation

We are glad to announce that we have recently welcomed another Coronaut to our family. Chris Johnson is a seasoned veteran of 3ds max (some of you might know his extremely helpful blog on Windows and 3dsmax development), and he has agreed to help with the Corona Scatter development. We are currently getting things started, but in the future we will be posting some test versions for our daily builds users, and we will appreciate any feedback and feature requests. We have created a new forum section for this.

In the next few months, you can expect both new features of Corona Scatter, and better integration in 3ds max. We will still try to keep the key features of the scatter intact: simplicity, easiness of use, and great performance even with lots of instances.

One thought on “Corona Scatter innovation

  1. Im glad that this very important feature will be further developed, as a humble user and a great fan of this product Im glad to hear that some one as great Chris Johnson is joining ranks of Render Legion.

    I surely will help to keep mister Johnson bussy with my requests.

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