Corona for Cinema4D: 1 week after

Attention to all C4D Coronauts!

Exactly 1 week ago, we have launched the first public Cinema4D build of Corona Renderer. Since then we have monitored and analyzed the overwhelming feedback from the cg community. We are extremely pleased with the number of users who decided to try it and amount of positive feedback we got,  considering this is only the first version.

Some bugs popped up, which is understandable, since the code is still “young”. Any in-house testing cannot cover all the possibilities that the thousands of users out there will try. Normally, we would wait for the Alpha2 with the fixes, but with so many new users trying out Corona Renderer, we have decided to speed up things a little, and go for 1.1 hotfix. We will try to fix most of the problems in 1-2 weeks, and release an updated version as soon as possible. Promise.

OSX version?

Next frequently brought up question is the OSX version. It is possible to port Corona Renderer to other platforms, but doing that will require time which we currently do not have.  So while we will do OSX version as soon as possible, it won’t happen before the commercial release of 3dsmax version later this year. We should also mention that the Cinema4D version of Corona will stay free even after the commercial 3ds max release, until the plugin is stable and mature.

We would once again like to thank all Cinema4D users who decided to give Corona a spin. If you keep your enthusiasm, Cinema might even rival 3ds max as the main Corona platform in the future.

Ondra & Corona Team

18 thoughts on “Corona for Cinema4D: 1 week after

  1. “If you keep your enthusiasm, Cinema might even rival 3ds max as the main Corona platform in the future.”
    Calm down gyes, calm down 8-))) its joke)) keep it on
    and now seriously, if it happens Corona will be first render which dont catch up main dev-platform. Im happy to hear that, Corona + 4D – amazing duet.
    Respect to u Ondra and Ales

  2. Thank’s for the great news. Can’t wait to try new version. Oh and one suggestion: It would be good if there was an option to transfer all the native materials from c4d to the corona materials. It would save a lot of time! Keep it up and wish all the best 🙂

  3. I so love this. The only thing I would say is bad, is the DOF and lack of SSS.

    Other than that, this renderer works amazing, and can pretty much battle it out
    with maxwell render especially.

  4. As soon as multipass inserted in Corona for C4D we left Vray. Unfortunately we can’t work with out multipass, it’s very important to us in the post processing.
    Otherwise, congratulations for this phenomenal software!

  5. reading that Corona WILL come to OSX (as is promised here) is as exciting as a kid getting a new toy, and what a toy it is !!! Worth waiting for a couple of months more.

    I have been doubting to switch to VrayforC4d for the last months but being afraid of the learning curve and lack of time to master it to use it in my pipeline, I was stuck with the built in AR. I even got great results in AR but Corona is what I’m (and many of us are) looking for to bring my renders to a next level. After having seen what Bertrand Benoit can squeeze out of this engine, I am dedicated to go the Corona Way !

    Please guys, make sure you implement proxies and Hair&Fur as well.

    I always felt we C4D users were the ones they (read = all render engine developers) never thought and cared about, being minor to the Max & Vray guys , but now we will be ready for a battle 🙂
    We will rock !! Together !

    I can assure you that the “C4d-Corona combo” community will grow big and is thrilled to get started. As well us, OSX guys 🙂


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