Corona 1.3 Betatesting Giveaway Results

Few days after the release of Corona 1.3 for 3ds Max it seems there are no major bugs left in. We would like to thank everyone who tested the release candidate builds for making this possible. As we announced earlier, we will reward 5 most useful bug reports with a free 1 year FairSaaS license. We went through the reports and decided to reward these 5 users:

  1. User “noel20”: Objects with displacement randomly disappear in interactive rendering
  2. User “HT”:  Using extreme exposure in Physical camera crashes Corona if VFB tonemapping is adjusted
  3. User “jacobhutson”: A specific sequence of steps crashes interactive rendering
  4. User “Tanakov”: Self-intersection artifacts when rotating an object at exact scene center
  5. User “romullus” – Corona installer copies scripts with wrong case, resulting in init scripts not working

We will contact the winners to deliver the reward. We have also promised to reward other useful reports with a 50% discount for a yearly license. We won’t list all of them here, instead please contact us to claim the reward if you believe you made such report.

Thanks again for making the smooth launch possible.


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