Corona for Cinema4D A4.1 hotfix

We are releasing a quick update of our Cinema 4D plugin to address the issues that emerged after the Alpha v4 release. They were caused by a massive internal changes due to the interactive rendering support. The plugin is still under development, in free testing phase, so more issues may arise. If you spot any problem, please do not hesitate to report it . The production (non-interactive) renderer should be stable now, and we will work on the interactive renderer stability for the A5 release. Here is the detailed changelog:


  • Fixed far clipping distance conversion
  • Fixed UVW and cubic mapping problems in displacement
  • Fixed problem with missing file causing Smedge to fail
  • Fixed problem with hanging material preview
  • Fixed texture mapping in material preview
  • Better handling of (custom) material preview scenes
  • Fixed bumpmapping having incorrect direction in some scenes
  • Fixed compositing tag not being applied to objects without material
  • Fixed material override not being applied to objects without material
  • Fixed crashes caused by SLA shaders used in refraction (IOR channel)
  • Fixed problems with emission in default C4D material
  • Fixed problems with Corona submaterials used in emission slot
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed problems with include/exclude list for material overrides
  • Fixed environment overrides handling in animations (direct override was causing problems after first frame)
  • Fixed crashes with AO shader inside displacement (but it will only work as if unoccluded shader was set)
  • Fixed occasional freezes when interrupting viewport rendering in the preparation phase
  • Fixed shading problems with flipped objects
  • Fixed bug with compositing tag not being applied on objects inside generators
  • Modified threading system for IR (added partial support for continuous updates)
  • Fixed rendering of global volume and material overrides in IR
  • Fixed non­spherical texture projection of environment in IR
  • Fixed blend material in IR

Additions and Changes:

  • Added rounded edges map, removed rounded corners from standard material (auto conversion for old scenes)
  • Added new maps (Normal, Ray Switch)
  • Added Material ID to all Corona materials (note that blend takes ID from first submaterial)
  • Added missing visibility settings to several materials
  • Added support for hiding of unchecked channel groups in material editor
  • Added “visible in masks” option to materials
  • New version of displacement

Future Plans?

Yes, we are currently working on porting Corona to  OS X ;).


The build is available in in our “downloads” section:

11 thoughts on “Corona for Cinema4D A4.1 hotfix

  1. so good so far =) when to expect the next iteration?

    one question aside – is it planned to bring the awesome corona point cloud display to c4d??

    1. I install Corona A4.1 to my home C4D R16 and R17 and everything works OK, but when install the same Corona A4.1 at work, the renderer itself does not appear in cinema’s interface. Tried on several versions of Cinema, even did uninstall.

      The installation itself shows that the hardware is fully integrated and ready to work.

      Please, help me..I can’t use corona. But I would like to, really.

  2. i like coronoa render ,its so realistic but,why you cant solwed render time problems,its so slow.can you speed up the render time?

  3. I think this is already my 3rd or 4th post concerning porting Corona to OSX, I’m loosing my patience as I regularily check this website and always notice Mac is not even a concern at the side of the makers because a little more than 1 year ago it was already promised to be compatible with C4D on Mac… Now today… still nothing !

    It’s such a DAMN REAL shame as it is an amazing render engine. Our workflow doesn’t allow to switch to PC platform and MAX, neither C4D on Windows, but we do really need a high-end render solution on Mac platform, SO PLEASE AGAIN; FULLFILL OUR NEEDS AND WISHES and embrace the Mac community, they will be eternally grateful 🙂

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