Corona for Cinema4D Alpha v2 released

After a lot of hard work, we can finally present you the second Alpha release of Corona plugin for Cinema4D. It fixes all major problems of the previous version, and brings the Corona 1.0 core to Cinema4D, along with some new important features.

It is compatible with Cinema4D R14/R15/R16. Download it here.


Major changes:

  • Added multipass support (render elements)
  • Added Blend and Portal materials
  • Improved stability of animations
  • Uses Corona 1.0 core (with all its stability, performance, and rendering quality  improvements)
  • UHD cache (with save/load support)
  • Reworked render settings UI to match 3ds max version more closely
  • Interactive colormapping
  • Improved logging

Minor changes

  • Added support for camera clipping
  • Added support for custom aperature shape
  • Added “Lock sampling pattern” option
  • Added basic system-wide preferences (as opposed to scene-wide)
  • Added possibility to override various camera properties from global settings
  • Sun intensity is now independent of its size
  • Added Enable/Disable control to Sun
  • Removed logging output during preview rendering

Main bug fixes:

  • Fixed crashes in animations
  • Fixed incorrectly applied gamma correction on shaders in glossiness/IOR
  • Fixed problem with missing objects in interactive rendering
  • Fixed empty log entries
  • Fixed frontal texture mapping
  • Fixed freezes when using original C4D scene for material preview
  • Partially fixed problems with 3D shaders used on sky
  • Fixed problems with material selections


The "Corona for C4D Alpha v2" cake
The “Corona for C4D Alpha v2” cake. Because the last one was extremely delicious ;).

21 thoughts on “Corona for Cinema4D Alpha v2 released

  1. maybe c4d is not yet dead at all….

    lets just hope that more devs jump on it and that dev support from maxon gets better!!

    1. There are option on the MAT ID. Pick one of the other options cause the primitive is meant to produce these triangles.

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