Corona Renderer and VR update, Jan 2018

It’s a brand new year, and time to take a look at some of what is next for Corona Renderer and VR!

Corona plus theConstruct
Image shown on phone from VR tour by Recent Spaces

Read what’s next for Corona and VR!

As you know, the Corona Renderer team developed the rendering side of things, allowing warp points to be embedded directly into the 3D scene using the Warp Helper object. Meantime, for the content delivery side of things, third party company theConstruct created the mobile app and it’s associated functionality.

theConstruct also develop theViewer, a VR application that works on mobile and desktop. After serious thought, it has been decided that theConstruct developing two programs side-by-side that offer very similar functionality was making it harder for them to develop new functionality than it needed to be. Not only that, but CoronaVR did some things that theViewer did not, and theViewer did some things that CoronaVR couldn’t do – such as embedding tours in your webpages like 565 Broome from The Boundary shown below:

To resolve this, both applications will be merged into one, with the extra functionality offered in CoronaVR (primarily, the ability to sync renders through the use of Google Drive) becoming part of theViewer in the future.

This will also expand the functionality of your VR renders from Corona, giving access to things like the shared experience, customization options, the ability to view your projects via a web browser, the ability to include audio, or include 360 video – all of which are already part of theViewer so you can start using those right away!

As a last benefit, it also clarifies that the Corona team do not develop the mobile app, so that people know who to contact for support, something that may not have been so clear before.

theViewer information

This means that there will be no new sign ups for CoronaVR, and instead you should sign up at theViewer. Those of you who already use the CoronaVR app can continue to use it as-is, though there will be no further development for that app and functionality will be locked-in at where it is today.

The pricing is in line with what we always planned for CoronaVR, so no change there! If you want to sign up for one of theViewer’s paid plans, there is a 20% discount for Corona users available from now until Feb 2018, simply use code VRSTART18 at theViewer’s checkout!

This change immediately expands the functionality you have available when rendering for VR from Corona Renderer and lets you deliver richer experiences to your clients right away, as well as simplifying future development and clarifying which company handles which aspect of creating and delivering VR experiences to your clients.

If you have questions, you can contact the Corona team about rendering / Warp Helpers on the forum, or theConstruct about the app via chat from theViewer page.

theConstruct and the Corona team


9 thoughts on “Corona Renderer and VR update, Jan 2018

    1. Hi Philip! TY for the reply!

      On the feature request, be sure to send that over to theViewer team so that they can respond (that would be a feature in the web / mobile apps, rather than something in the rendering). You can reach them one-to-one by chat over at (and you never know, they might reply here too, but always best to talk with them direct just to be sure they see your request!)


      1. Hey Mike,

        At the moment that’s exactly how you can do it.
        If you guys have any ideas how you can render only a specific material pls let me know.
        I would be more than happy to add such an option to theViewer.


  1. I’d love to animate these panos/have animated files be uploadable to viewer

    1. Please contact theConstruct, who will be happy to hear any feature requests and be able to answer any questions about theViewer. Thanks! Tom

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