Corona Renderer for Cinema4D Alpha v5 Hotfix

We are following up on the recent release of new alpha build of Corona for Cinema4D with a quick hotfix update. It addresses these issues:

  • Fixed camera focus distance computed incorrectly
  • Added back the original color mapping dialog
  • Fixed some minor problems with color mapping
  • Fixed VFB getting stuck in rendering state in some situations
  • Fixed incorrect color profile being used in Team Render
  • Fixed problems with SLA shaders in mix mode of Blend material
  • Removed C4D material override and TR setting (use Corona settings)

You can download the build in the usual place. We will continue to monitor user feedback on this release and release more bugfixes if necessary.

9 thoughts on “Corona Renderer for Cinema4D Alpha v5 Hotfix

  1. Hello guys, something strange with that release (hotfixes 1). After installing “Corona Cinema4D A5.1.exe” in the plugin folder there is no Corona renderer. I never seen that trouble in the older version of Corona.
    Thanks for your attention.

    1. Sorry, “in the plugin folder there is no Corona renderer” i mean in Cinema 4D plugin list not in folder.

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