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Corona Renderer and The 2016 Ford GT

When I was young, I had a poster of Ford GT40 on my bedroom wall and I wanted to drive it one day. Even though that dream never came true for me, discovering that Corona was involved in making of its successor, the new Ford GT 2016, was even better ;).
In this post, Andy Tanguay describes the process and challenges of making images of this legendary car.



Corona was used to create all of the vehicle CG for the press event for the unveiling of the all-new Ford GT on January 12, 2015 at the Detroit North American International Auto Show.

Developed under the codename ‘Project Phoenix’, this LeMan’s bound super car has been in very secret development for just over a year and was the huge hit of the NAIAS. Projected onto a massive 180 ft wide screen filling Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, the presentation was rendered with Corona at 7600×1200.

Andy Tanguay - Ford GT 2016

Andy Tanguay - Ford GT 2016

Andy Tanguay - Ford GT 2016

The Corona-rendered GT starts up around the :50 mark

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Making of: Barts Square project by The Boundary in collaboration with Iain Banks

Another great making of, this time from our friends from The Boundary in collaboration with Iain Banks. It was written by Henry Goss, who is the founder of The Boundary together with Peter Guthrie. The studio is based in London and specializes in high end visualizations.

Making of: Barts Square project

The Boundary + Iain Banks - Barts Square Project
Click on the image to see whole project gallery

The Boundary, working in collaboration with Iain Banks was provided a unique opportunity with the Barts Square project (click for gallery) to challenge our usual work flow and test something new. Our typical workflow involves modelling in Sketchup, exporting to 3ds max, rendering with Vray 3.0 and post production in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
Ever keen to embrace new technologies, both Iain Banks and The Boundary have been experimenting with Corona Renderer for some time but had not found a project suitable for testing it in a commercial ‘real world’ setting. Barts Square seems the perfect project being largely interior shots a large number of images and a good time scale allowing for experimentation.

The Boundary + Iain Banks


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Making of: Corona sample C4D interior by Thomas Vournazos

Today, we bring you a tutorial/making-of article about the sample Corona for C4D scene written by Thomas Vournazos. Thomas is the founder and lead artist of Slahcube, a visualization studio based in Zurich.

I don’t have the patience to make super extra detailed blog posts, so I will try and make this post a bit basic and easy to follow. I’m already using Corona for some months, and although still on the start, things look promising.  This scene was actually a vray scene that I worked on some months ago for a commercial project, so I had only to work on some material conversions and some mood concepts to check how Corona would pull it through.

I almost always work with HDRIs, because it is the only way i can check easily my light  set-up. CoronaforC4D actually has a quite flexible way on dealing with HDRI. I often after some rough modeling with a white material and a fast check with some HDRIs I have. I tend to keep my whites quite low, around a 165 – 180 value in some cases at this point.

For the HDRI, i created a sky object and i attached a Corona material with an HDR texture in the emission slot. For this particular scene i used a Peter Guthrie map, the 1934. I also played with some afternoon ones but at the end i decided to stay with the 1934.
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