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Pikcells – creating TV ads for the UK’s No.1 Kitchen Retailer

Pikcells are a design-driven studio with 15 years in the industry. Recently they’ve been working on something new for them, creating TV ads for long-term client Wren Kitchens, and we caught up with Creative Director Richard Benson to hear how they used Corona to composite actors into a rendered kitchen.

Pikcells, Wren Kitchens TV ads - frame from the final ad


Back in 2018, we talked with Brazilian animation studio Stratostorm. We caught up with them again recently to learn about their beautiful new short film ‘Umbrella’, Directed by Helena Hilario and Mario Pece on their duo directorial debut.
With character design by Victor Hugo (known for his work with Marvel and Disney), the animation has been taking the film festival world by storm, winning a lot of awards on its path to the Academy Awards (hopefully!)


Catching up with Okdraw

Back in July 2016, we spoke with Portuguese 3D studio Okdraw about the OhPorto Apartment Hotel project (which included some before, during, and after photos of the work as well as renders). Now, over three years later, we caught up with Hugo Ferreira and Pedro Teixeira to see what has been happening at the studio in that time!


Economy is Care

Toward the end of last year, Swiss film and animation studio Guave Motion released their “Economy is Care” animation, aiming to encourage people to ask questions about the current state of the economy, and delivered with a distinctive rendering style. We spoke with CEO and 2D/3D Generalist David Fritsche about how the project came to be, and how they created it!

Economy is Care from Guave Motion

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Syntactic Labyrinths

When we recently heard about an animation project using Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, we got in touch with Blauw Films to learn more about it. Called “Syntactic Labyrinths”, it’s a science fiction story about trying to preserve the sum total of all human knowledge in the face of a calamity. Leonardo Verkoelen, the Director of Blauw Films, told us all about it!


Merry Christmas to all Coronauts!

As 2019 comes to a close, our thanks go out to the most important people in the development of Corona Renderer – you, our users! All of us here at Chaos Czech would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season, and many happy renderings in 2020!

We’d also like to announce that our office will be closed from Monday December 23rd until Wednesday January 1st inclusive – support will be limited during this time.

Sad News

Dear all,

We are mourning the unexpected passing of our beloved colleague Jaroslav Krivanek, who died as a result of an accident. We are deeply shocked. We loved Jaroslav and we will remember him as a great person, colleague, teacher and friend. He was the backbone of our R&D in Chaos Czech and a great leader.

We are sending our deepest condolences and sympathy to his family and loved ones.

Jaroslav was devoted to the lifting of our Chaos Research division. While Corona and related products will continue unaffected, our plans for a dedicated research department will have to be postponed.

Black Friday 2019

Corona Renderer 5 lets you save memory and render time – and now with Black Friday upon us, those savings extend to money too!

“I AM IMPRESSED! I did a 5k render with the old displacement vs the 2.5D – memory usage went from 130gb to 60gb. For us at The Boundary, it already looks like it is going to be a game-changer.”
Peter Guthrie of The Boundary, on testing the Corona Renderer 5 daily builds

To save 22% on the first year of any Yearly FairSaaS License, head over to our order page and enter code BF19 during checkout. The offer only runs from Friday, November the 29th to Monday, December the 2nd, so don’t delay – your processor, RAM, and bank account will thank you!


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Recent Spaces test out caustics in production scenes

Corona Renderer 4 introduced a whole new way of calculating caustics – but are they practical for use in actual production scenes? And what about in animations?

London-based architectural & design visualization studio Recent Spaces are always on the look-out for the ultimate in photo-realism, so their artist Tobias Grendelmeier did some testing to find out and shared their findings with us.

Recent Spaces – Caustics R&D from Recent Spaces

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