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Corona for Cinema4D A4.1 hotfix

We are releasing a quick update of our Cinema 4D plugin to address the issues that emerged after the Alpha v4 release. They were caused by a massive internal changes due to the interactive rendering support. The plugin is still under development, in free testing phase, so more issues may arise. If you spot any problem, please do not hesitate to report it . The production (non-interactive) renderer should be stable now, and we will work on the interactive renderer stability for the A5 release. Here is the detailed changelog:

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Corona for Cinema4D Alpha v4 released!


While we are finishing the new version 1.3 for 3ds Max, we are not forgetting about Cinema4D plugin – today we have the Alpha v4 version ready for you! Aside from the usual bugfixes and small features, it brings one major new feature: interactive rendering. You can download the installer for Cinema4D R14-R17 for Windows here.

Major New Features

  • Interactive rendering
  • Added C4D R17 support
  • Added Mask pass
  • Improved motion blur support
  • Improved layer shader support

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Corona for C4D Alpha v3 is out

While we are finishing the Corona for 3ds Max 1.1 release, we have decided to publish another Cinema 4D plugin version.  This is a quick update that brings many small, but highly useful features, before some of the larger issues (interactive rendering, Mac support) are addressed. You can download the installer for Cinema4D R14/R15/R16 here

Major Changes

  • Added new Corona materials (advanced light emitter: LightMtl, advanced volumetric material: VolumeMtl)
  • Added new shaders (ambient occlusion: AoShader, geometry edge/vertex shader: WireShader)
  • Enhanced Corona Material (added SSS support, absorption shader)
  • IES light support
  • Improved standard C4D materials support
  • Added basic support for Non-Corona materials (e. g. Banzi, Cheen)
  • Added Corona VFB (experimental)


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Corona for Cinema4D Alpha v2 released

After a lot of hard work, we can finally present you the second Alpha release of Corona plugin for Cinema4D. It fixes all major problems of the previous version, and brings the Corona 1.0 core to Cinema4D, along with some new important features.

It is compatible with Cinema4D R14/R15/R16. Download it here.


Major changes:

  • Added multipass support (render elements)
  • Added Blend and Portal materials
  • Improved stability of animations
  • Uses Corona 1.0 core (with all its stability, performance, and rendering quality  improvements)
  • UHD cache (with save/load support)
  • Reworked render settings UI to match 3ds max version more closely
  • Interactive colormapping
  • Improved logging

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Making of: Corona sample C4D interior by Thomas Vournazos

Today, we bring you a tutorial/making-of article about the sample Corona for C4D scene written by Thomas Vournazos. Thomas is the founder and lead artist of Slahcube, a visualization studio based in Zurich.

I don’t have the patience to make super extra detailed blog posts, so I will try and make this post a bit basic and easy to follow. I’m already using Corona for some months, and although still on the start, things look promising.  This scene was actually a vray scene that I worked on some months ago for a commercial project, so I had only to work on some material conversions and some mood concepts to check how Corona would pull it through.

I almost always work with HDRIs, because it is the only way i can check easily my light  set-up. CoronaforC4D actually has a quite flexible way on dealing with HDRI. I often after some rough modeling with a white material and a fast check with some HDRIs I have. I tend to keep my whites quite low, around a 165 – 180 value in some cases at this point.

For the HDRI, i created a sky object and i attached a Corona material with an HDR texture in the emission slot. For this particular scene i used a Peter Guthrie map, the 1934. I also played with some afternoon ones but at the end i decided to stay with the 1934.
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Corona Alpha1 for Cinema4D is out!

Corona C4D AlphaV1 Logo

Cinema 4D here we go!

First public build of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is here and we would like to give a warm welcome to new Cinema Coronauts.

If you cannot wait any longer, the latest official releases can be found on our download page,  but I would still recommend you to read this article carefully anyway, so you will know everything about this build, installation, features and limitations.

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